Would it be hard to resize this dress?
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I have an old shirtdress that I love but that's starting to get some holes. I found it in a larger size on Ebay (mine is small and this is large). It's a simple dress that's fairly straight, and it has a sash at the waist to make it fitted. Is it possible this could be easily resized by a tailor? Would the collar fit incorrectly?
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I think it will be expensive and difficult to size down what amounts to 4 sizes, and I don’t think you’ll be happy with the results. The pockets and collar will hit at weird places and in the front it will be hard to take the width out of the front. The tailor will also have to shorten the hem and sleeves. The armsyces will be too low.
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One big issue is going to be the shoulders. Adjusting the shoulders is going to basically require re-constructing the dress (and I've found that larger clothing has wider shoulders, a wider neckline and generally different proportions)

I think it's unlikely to give the results you want
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Agreed -- this would be a complex and expensive change that likely would not turn out very well. I'd suggest continuing to look for something in your size.
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What about taking the dress you already have to a seamstress to use as a pattern once it's well and truly past wearing? Sizing would be bang on, and you could pick any suitable fabric.
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Are the holes in a location where little embroidered flowers would look nice?
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