Vacation suggestions for Shreveport, LA
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Spouse and I are probably going to Shreveport for our next anniversary. Dates are 10/11 -10/14 and those dates are concrete. Fellow MeFis, what do you recommend to do in Shreveport? Preferences below the fold.

1. I would like to surprise spouse with fishing on a boat where we don't have to bring any gear, and relatively inexpensive.

2. should be taken care of by 1, but just puttering around Caddo Lake, I think? Just enjoying the nature of the area via boat.

3. best places to eat.

4. best places to spend an hour or two walking.

5. A local bar or two.

6. Those super duper hidden charms that are known best by natives or people who visit often.

Thanks in advance HiveMind!
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Downtown along the riverfront is kinda nice.

The answer to #3 is Ralph and Kacoo’s.
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The Texas side of Caddo Lake has the prettiest scenery. I'd look for a boat tour out of the Uncertain, Texas area.
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If you’re following the above advice and going to be in the Uncertain area, Big Pines Lodge is a local hole in the wall on the lake with good views of the water. Superior Bar & Grill in Shreveport does a kind of Cajun influenced TexMex. They’re known for their strong margaritas and their crawfish enchiladas.
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I really like Monjunis downtown location for their Italian. It isn't going to be super fancy or anything, but the food is reliably good, the sause had this sweetness that seems unique to the area and it has the best shrimp pasta salad I have ever tasted. The atmosphere is nice too. I dream about that salad.

Shreveport is unfortunately fairly unremarkable. You can't go wrong with grabbing Cajun from hole in the wall places though. My grandparents favor Shane's on
Youree Drive but my mom says the quality has decreased over the years. I am deprived for cajun food in the Midwest these days find it delicious.

I haven't done anything remotely fishing is so long in no help there. There's definately beautiful parts though and I'm sure you'll find something.
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I've been to Shreveport for work a number of times. Without hesitation, I must recommend Another Broken Egg Cafe for breakfast. I initially went for the gluten-free pancakes but then discovered that they have blackberry grits, which are the most perfect breakfast food imaginable.
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y'all are knocking out of the park. thanks for the suggestions and keep them coming!
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Sunday brunch at Marilynn’s Place! The best spot for a great Sunday meal, endless drinks, and people watching. Tell them Miss Sally sent you.
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R.W. Norton Art Gallery is surprisingly nice, and has a huge garden area to stroll around in, if you need a quiet couple of hours. Seconding Superior Grille for the margaritas, and also their grilled tuna salad.
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All y'all, thank you so much! You definitely made the trip so much better.

We didn't get to all of the recommendations, but for future reference for others:

1. Boat tour from the Uncertain, TX area is AMAZING.
2. And if you are doing that, you should eat at Big Pines Lodge for a nice "everyone is loved" feel.
3. Oh wow! The R.W. Norton Gallery is amazing! AND FREE! We spent half a day inside and in the walking gardens. Just.... splendid.
4. Riverfront walk was awesome, but had to be cut way short because a cold front blew in the night before.
5. Blind Tiger. No one here mentioned this, but I am glad we went.
6. Ralph and Kaccos was great! It's a small chain? We had eaten at one before and I forgot, but if you have never eaten at one, I would recommend it.
7. And, if you are right there, you might as well fly your geek flag and go to Bilbo Baggins Pub.
8. Broken Egg. OH WOW! AWESOME!!!!! I hardly eat breakfast, but this was well worth going. A perfect cap to the end of our vacation. (Sorry, tumbling... we tried to fit in Marilynn's as well, but it just wasn't possible.

miscellany: We were on the LA side of Caddo and had zero cell/data service (t-mobile) unless we were about 7 miles out of Shreveport. We didn't plan that, but it made for an awesome vacation. Strangely, the close we got to Uncertain, we had better cell reception. We also met the mayor of Uncertain and he treated us way nice just by randomly seeing us.

I would probably fall on a spear for anyone in Carthage, TX as well, but that's a whole 'nother story...
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