Like Warby Parker, but brick and mortar in New York?
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Tired of Warby Parker's options, where else can I find affordable prescription sunglasses that I can try on in person in New York?

Hello! I've been purchasing my prescription frames from Warby Parker for years and years now, and while I love them, their prices keep slowly creeping upward and I'm tired of their selection. Are there other comparable places in Manhattan/Brooklyn that I can go try on frames in person? Yes this is the key requirement as I'm fully aware of the online options but shipping and receiving are a huge pain in the ass for me and my face is hard to fit. I'm mostly in the market for prescription sunglasses at the moment so places with a wide selection of those would be great. Trying to keep the whole cost (frames + lenses) under $200. My prescription is very standard and I don't need any kind of special lenses (and I have zero interest in transition lenses, no thank you). Does Warby Parker have any good competitors that have popped up in the city lately?

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See Eyewear?
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It might be worth it to get a Costco membership to buy glasses there. They have some very nice frames! I bought two pair at Costco recently for less than a single pair at the opticians. And that was without using my insurance benefit. Progressive lenses were $129 and my frames were $59 and $79 each.
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See Eyewear

Things may have changed in the intervening decade, but I had a series of plastic frames from See break after a few months to a year of use from 2006-2010. If I recall correctly they did offer a free/warantee replacement at least once but it was a pain.
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Fabulous Fannys and Cohen's Fashion Optical should both have < $200 options and a fairly wide selection. Moscot has the selection but their < $200 choices might be a bit limited.

I went to See the last time I was looking for frames and while I thought they had an okay selection and good prices, I thought the styles were all a bit boring. Maybe a pass if you're also tired of Warby.
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I have bought a bunch of pairs of glasses from SEE since about 2013, as has my ex-husband, and we're both very satisfied customers. The people who work there are also super helpful. Also they have great customer serviceā€”I just went in this morning because the tint on the sunnies I picked up a few weeks ago is way too dark, and they didn't give me any grief about replacing the lenses.
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Try Optical 88 on Mott St, or any other Chinatown optics place, they are all super affordable and quick
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Just an FYI for those interested, SEE eyewear starts at $250 for simple prescription, so not in my range.
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