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I have a bunch of laminated signs that I need to adhere to a few different surfaces. Help me figure out what I need in order to do so with as little mess/hassle as possible.

The signs are 8.5" by 11" and I need to attach them to a wooden exterior wall, a metal, a fabric wall covering, and interior drywalls.

I really do not want to use packing tape because it twists so easily and is a bear to remove from the lamination afterwards.

What other adhesive substances can I use (that can ideally be purchased in a brick and mortar hardware store or Staples) in order to get this done?

Thanks in advance.
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Command strips!

The only one I'm not sure about is the fabric wall. What is underneath the fabric? Can you use pushpins?
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I'd get a roll of Scotch Mounting Tape from Staples. It's pretty sturdy double-back tape that can be removed somewhat easily with a razor blade. I'm sure it would work on all but the fabric wall covering. I mean it would work on that but I'd be worried it might damage it somewhat.
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Double sided carpet tape. It's meant for holding down rugs on hard floors, so it'll work on fabric. I've used it to hold table cloths on wooden picnic tables.

It's more like tacky rather than really sticky, so use a couple strips. It's easy to peel off.

Attaching things to the back of a monitor did not work well, but that plastic is a poor adhesive surface and it was warm, so the tape would kind of sag off.

For sure available in the hardware store, you'll get way more than you'll ever need for like 10 bucks or something.

Here's what I used. It promises residue-free/safe on surfaces and I've found that to be true.
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Command Adhesive; peruse their many offerings to find one that meets your function-vs-cost needs.
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Seconding double-sided foam tape. Versatile and molds to uneven surfaces well.
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Blu Tak? I use it to post laminated signs and pictures on the walls and shelves at work. Should work on metal too. Fabric... I doubt it.
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How long do these signs need to stay up?
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