(Queer) Boston Tourist Recs
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What should a queer person interested in art and food do in Boston next weekend?

I've done general searches for things to do in Boston, and checked askmefi for basic advice, there's not a ton recently, and I do have some specifics --

I have next Friday night and all day Saturday alone and unaccounted for in Boston, and I'm looking for suggestions about how to spend my time. I've visited only once before (briefly, for work), so I haven't seen much the city has to offer.

Interested in: vegan/vegetarian food, art, literature, quirky shopping, good coffee, legal weed, queer community (including bars or specific events to check out). Staying on Newberry street but comfortable using public transportation to get around.
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The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum is a great place to get lost in for a few hours.
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If you like theater, there's a show at the Hunting Theater Company called The Purists, directed by Billy Porter, that would be worth checking out. Queerness is a big part of the story, and then there's the whole "directed by Billy Porter" angle. Tickets start at $75 for the matinee, though, and I don't know your budget.

For cheaper activities, pretty much any of the museums in the city are worth a full afternoon, yeah.
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Veggie Galaxy and Punjabi Dhaba might be of interest.

Brookline Booksmith and Harvard Book Store are both fun bookstores with lots of great readings and author events!

A lot of the shopping on Newbury St is generic designer stuff, but there are some weird gems-for example, this awesome boot shop complete with giant taxidermied snake and pet chicken.
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Staying on Newberry street

You're right up the street from the Boston Public Library which might have some interesting programming going on (I checked, maybe not that wekeend) and is definitely worth at least popping in to check out (they have free wifi and also a nice cafe and a courtyard to sit and do things). You're also right on the T (subway) so you can get anywhere. If you haven't been you might like the Lucy Parsons Center which is a great radical bookshop. But honestly, looking at what Harvard Bookshop is offering, this should probably be your Friday night plan. There are also a fair number of MeFites nearby if you want company.
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Newbury St. is a short walk from the South End, which has a strong LGBT community with galleries, shopping, and art/music venues. Jamaica Plain is another fun queer-friendly neighborhood, less urban and more neighborhood feel but still lots of stuff to see, eat, and buy.
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My vegan friend said FoMu is good, they make vegan ice cream in the Allston/Brighton area. There is also Whole Heart Provisions right near FoMu, Whole Heart has amazing vegan food. I think the easiest way to get there is to take the B line to the Harvard Avenue stop and then walk from there. Harvard Avenue is fun to walk along in that area. At the far opposite end of Harvard Avenue is NETA which sells legal weed.

The only gay bar I have been to is Machine, the upstairs is a small bar and the downstairs is a dance floor. It caters to a younger crowd so if you are looking for something low-key, Machine may be a bit overwhelming. I've always had a blast there. Club Cafe is another one, I've heard of it but never been there.
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Go to Salem.
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The Middle East's Sonia nightclub is right over the river in Cambridge and every 1st and 3rd Friday (which happens to fall on September, 20) DJ Chris Ewen hosts the dance party "Heroes", 80s New Wave, Electro, Punk, & some Old School Goth if you're into that sort of thing.
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