Job search for non contracting jobs in a contracty area
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Looking for a software engineering job in a location full of contracting work... Are there any job search sites or strategies that will let me filter these out, so that I can see just the jobs where I will actually be producing software used by the same company that is employing me? (No problems getting a clearance, I am just over it right now and want to try something else.)
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My suggestion is tedious and a lot more work: build a targeted list of companies.

If you live in one of the fifty or so regions/metros where the Business Journal publishes a local edition, they also produce an annual rundown of the local businesses called The Book of Lists. This is geared towards sales and marketing people, but the one for my metro includes a lot of useful lists of technology companies and companies listed by sector and size. I've used it both to generate prosepecting lists and in personal job searches. There are other entities that produce marketing lists/info like this, it will vary by location. You could use this to build a starting list of companies that are not producing (technology) products for customers, but are large enough to have an in-house engineering group. It will miss public sector (count/city government, higher ed, K-12), so you'll have to add those in if you would consider that. If you couple that strategy with a Linked In premium account, you could start running searches in your area for software engineers and correlate where they are working against your list of companies. Yes, this is all just as tedious as it sounds.

The people in your area who will already know these companies are technology recruiters, technology consultants, and sales people who sell technology, so if you know anyone in these roles, you could do an informational interview with them. Finally, you could just use a recruiter to place you rather than running your own search.
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Have you considered looking for remote work? Depending on what kind of development you want to do, there may be lots of available positions for working remotely on in-house software.

The world I know most about is cloud infrastructure on linux and other open source tech, so it's possible that there's less available in your area of expertise. I'd take a look at remote-focused job boards like (I haven't used that one in particular so YMMV, it's just an example to show that these do exist).

Good luck!
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