Need help finding business consultants
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I need to find someone to help me analyze data and trends in my company's growth to help me understand where it is financially, and to help me plan for the future.

I run a small but rather complicated business, and after a major life change plus some growth, I need some business/financial counseling. I live in Seattle, but am open to remote options. I didn't have the skills of someone with an MBA when I started the business. It happened out of necessity and growth, so I need to backtrack and consult with someone who better understands business health, who can provide advice about managing finances, my profit/loss trends, and help me understand the current trajectory. Where do I look for someone like this? Any other tips?
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An accountant is a good place to start. Think of them as similar to a primary care physician. The accountant may not have the full solution to your business, but they will be able to point you to others in the local business community who can.

So pick carefully - search for accountants that work in your industry. Don't be afraid of accountants working out of home offices or otherwise humble locations. They are usually the most sensitive to small business needs. Only go to fancy high-rise accountants if you know their value far exceeds their very high fees.
posted by b1tr0t at 8:08 PM on September 12, 2019 is sort of an interesting place to look for consultants. Rates are expressed on a per minute basis, but some of the rates convert to a reasonable hourly rate. If you were to look for a consultant there, you'd obviously still need to figure out just what kind of consultant you actually need. One type might be a "start up" consultant who would presumably, if well qualified, bring a few different types of functional expertise to the table (for example, finance and human resources or whatever).
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Happy to refer you if you DM me. Would be a remote person though.
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As an accountant - totally affirm the usefulness of a GOOD accountant

Major issue - what works at $1mill is not useful at $200K- and not useful at $20 mil
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The US Small Business Administration has a free mentoring program. You can scroll through possible mentors to find someone who's the right fit. I did this in New York a few years ago and found it really helpful.
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Check your MF mailbox.
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