Degas authentification
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A friend recently purchased what we believe is a Degas sketch; but we'd like to have it authenticated. Does anyone know a reliable - and frugal - means of doing this? Thanks in advance!
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authentication, that is!
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Where are you? If you're in a large city, there should be at least one good auction house.
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Take it to the curator of European art (or whatever their title might be) at a reputable museum of art in a large-ish city. Pick a place that you know has work by Degas. Or, take it to an auction house like Christie's or Sotheby's. Don't expect them to fall all over themselves dealing with you; it might take some time and persistence. Start by shooting them a picture of it by email, with your query.
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Hey, please don't just walk into a museum wielding your maybe-Degas drawing. Call first, and if they're like most museums, they will probably refuse to authenticate/value and send you towards an appraiser. You can also find one in your area at the American Society of Appraisers "Find an Appraiser" search.
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If the appraiser pooh-poohs the value and then offers to take it off your hands for a modest amount, get a second opinion.
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