What happens to Trump’s China tariff if goods enter via a third country?
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The question is basically self-explanatory. If a shipment of manufactured product went to Canada or Mexico first, would it still be liable for the Trump tariff on Chinese goods when it entered the U.S.?
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If the intermediaries do nothing to the goods, _and_ are honest, then they're still Chinese goods.

If the intermediaries "substantially transform" the Chinese inputs, then they're now Canadian/Mexican goods.

If the intermediaries lie about the origin, then they're now Canadian/Mexican goods.
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There is nothing new about differential tariffs on imported goods (and other reasons why the origin of goods is critical in international trade), and there is a well-established paper trail and verification procedure, as well as a complicated set of rules for defining the origin of imported goods.
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drlith, that is exactly what I needed to know and the level of complexity suitable for what I'm explaining in a summary. The wikipedia pages are perfect if the recipient wants to know more.
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