Body paint that doesn't transfer?
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I'd like to paint my arms and most of my face green (think green like Elphaba from Wicked). I'd really like to do it and then go to work and not have the paint transfer onto clothes or, y'know, my office/colleagues. Is airbrushing the way to go? Specific product recommendations would be highly appreciated.
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Ben Nye brand body paints are the gold standard for performers. Grab a bottle of their fixative spray and your coverage will last until you take it off. Unless you are super skilled with an airbrush or know someone who is, I'd stick to the pancake makeup options.
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I don't have a specific product recommendation, but like ananci said, the key is using some sort of fixative spray or powder after the painting.
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If you have some DIY skills, Sock Dreams has a fantastic tutorial for making full arm gloves out of a pair of tights. That would take care of paint transferring off your arms / hands.
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Yeah, I was going to suggest We Love Colors for cosplay suggestions that don't involve paint (and are reusable!).
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Arm socks for the hands & arms, alcohol based palette for the face, provided you are ok with a little work getting it off.
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