Congrats Mom, it's "your" birthday!
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Are there cultures where gifts/cards/flowers are given to mom on their children's birthday?

I swear I read once (maybe even on MeFi?!) about a place where mothers get cards/gifts on their children's birthdays. My googling has been totally unsuccessful. Is this a tradition? Where does it take place? What does it look like?
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In the Netherlands, it's common to congratulate the loved ones of the birthday-haver (definitely including parents).
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I do this. So, basically my mom and I are sending each other flowers on the same day. Once I became a mother, I realized what my birthday really meant to her, and wanted to recognize that. I also was inspired by this someplace; I don't think I made it up on my own but don't know where I came across it.
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I also swear I read once, and I'm sure it was on MeFi, about this.

As I remember it, the commenter mentioned sending flowers to their mom on their (commenter's) birthday, as a Filipinx (?) tradition, but now I can't seem to find the post/comment and it's driving me bonkers.
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Same as peanut_mcgillicuty - when I had my son, a doula mentioned that her daughter sends her (the mother) flowers on the daughter’s birthday. They are European - maybe German or Danish? - but I don’t know if it’s a cultural thing there or just a sweet family tradition. I do it now too because I think my mom and MIL deserve some flowers on the days they birthed us!
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My mother (Korean) tried her level best to do this every year on my birthday. She was adamant that my birthday was a day for her to celebrate "becoming a mother". That being said, I never saw any of our other Korean friends parents have this same opinion.. so I always chalked it up to my mother making it up...
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