Does modern-day (free) Clipart exist?
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Where would one find modern day clip-art? I'm looking for punchy, action-oriented, cohesive, clean, simple infographic icons that depict business process oriented action words like "send", "receive", "review", "schedule" etc. etc. This would be for use in a standard operating procedure manual. If this were the 90s I'd find something simple and halfway decent in clipart, but it looks like clippie bit the dust a while back.

I'm not unwilling to create my own vector images if need be, but feel that starting from scratch on this isn't the best use of my time. Ideally there would be some free source of simple, round icons that I could just utilize. Would this require purchasing stock images? Does Clipart still exist from Microsoft in a different modality? Could you point me to a website that utilizes this type of iconography effectively? Or, if I do need to make my own graphics, is there a good how-to that you know of for this specific type of infographic icon?
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The Noun Project
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Google’s Material Icons:
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Noun Project is my go-to for presentations. Often you can find a "pack" that are all done by one person which can be great. For business stuff, sometimes you can poke around and find what you want in Wikimedia Commons' Illustrations category (which superseded their 'clip art' category)
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I often use Font Awesome for this
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I use Pixabay. Search "icons" under "illustrations" and you'll find a lot - royalty-free and free for commercial use if needed.
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Adobe Stock has acres of this exactly. Some Adobe subscriptions come with a number of free download credits each month. Search for “vector process icons”.
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Seconding Font Awesome.
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Iconmonstr is my go-to, for totally free and requiring no login. The "download as png" option lets you select hex colour codes and fill options as well.

Seconding The Noun Project as well.
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For example, I've used some of these ones from iconmonstr for "schedule" in more business documents and presentations than I can count.
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My go-to for this is Flat Icon. They allow you to choose what color you want to download in (just enter the hex code if you need a specialty color) as well as the size of the image. They are all PNG files with transparent backgrounds. It's geared toward users looking for icons/images of business processes.
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I came here to say noun project. I've been using it for years for all kinds of things, even pretty abstract concepts that I was sure I wouldn't be able to find, and it's never once let me down.
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Depending on the sizes/colors/feel, you might like Ouch.
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