DIY LEGO Shofar??
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I’ve looked everywhere (even the weird and I can’t find instructions for how to construct a shofar out of legos! It doesn’t even have to be functional (although of course that would be awesome). Can anyone point me in the right direction??
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Maybe this Lego cornucopia will point you in the right direction. Photos only, but maybe it sparks an inspiration.
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If you can think of any Bible stories that feature one, you might be able to find a small version in The Brick Bible.
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The Book of Joshua features priests blowing rams' horns, but the Brick Bible version doesn't give you much to go on.
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I don't mean to be pedantic, but you can't construct a shofar out of legos because shofars must be made from the horns of kosher animals, such as rams (at the prosaic end) or kudus (at the exotic end). There are existing lego pieces for rams' horns (mostly for use in making Viking helmets), but I assume you want something bigger than that. I would just start with anything conical — for example, this ice cream cone or this traffic cone. You can make them look more like animal horns by choosing more realistic colors and by making one side longer than the other.
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