Looking for news/business podcasts that are not casual
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I like listening to news podcasts, particularly longer-form podcasts like NYT’s The Daily. However, I HATE the informality of the podcast idiom. I hate the “ums,” I hate the host as proxy for the listener, and (worst offense in my book) cheeky delivery. Can you recommend news (preferably daily) podcasts that are not podcast-y?

I hate, I detest, I revile, the podcast trope of “let’s listen in on this fascinating conversation between two smart people.” The Daily has this in spades, but I haven’t found anything better.

I haven’t tried WSJ’s the Journal podcast—but will. I generally like the WSJ podcasts, but they often feel like promo bits for their guest experts, and the shows are too short. Kim Gittleson is the epitome of the informal delivery I can’t stand, and I’ve unsubscribed from the WSJ’s general news podcast completely.

I just want straight up, long form news. No chit chat, and no behind the scenes inside baseball on making the news (i.e., leaving the tape recorder running as the interviewer goes back to their car, a Daily favorite). Preferably US-national and global, business, politics, no human interest, no entertainment.

Do such podcasts exist?
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The Economist has a podcast that sounds like it'll work for you, albeit with their international capital perspective.
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If you have an Audible subscription or (I think) Amazon Prime, you can listen to audio digests of the New York Times, Washington Post and Wall Street Journal. This is literally just newspaper articles being read to you.
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NPR's "Up First" is a solid morning digest that sounds close to what you're looking for, but it's maybe a 7-10 minute review and doesn't go into much depth. But it's a start.
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I sometimes listen to Monocle's "The Briefing," which is pretty much an hour of dry news/analysis (though from a UK perspective).
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NPR has its own app, with access to (I think) all of its shows. Many of those shows are also available through a podcast feed, although not, for some reason, their the flagship All Things Considered and Morning Edition. There is a third-party feed for those shows.
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Try the BBC Newshour or BBC Global News Podcast. More of a global focus than a US centric focus.
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The Washington Post has Post Reports, its own version of the NYT's The Daily. I think it's better. WP also does a shorter one called The Big Idea.
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Yes, what I think you want is the BBC’s straight news shows like jeoc says. You could also stream (not available for download) NPR’s Morning Edition and All Things Considered, and skip the human interest or arts segments. Usually very formal delivery, more than their podcasts.

PBS News Hour also does an audio podcast version of their evening news show which is again very straight news.
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Deutsche Welle English has a variety of podcasts you might examine; but note that page lists both video and audio. The audio-only ones are marked with little headphones icons in my browser.
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If you like business topics, I really like NPR's "How I Built This".
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rustcellar: "Yes, what I think you want is the BBC’s straight news shows like jeoc says."

Or their Irish equivalent, i.e. RTÉ's Morning Ireland.
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Sounds like you're not looking for podcasts, but radio.
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