Suggestions for NYC on Thanksgiving day...difficulty: No parade
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My family and I (spouse and 11 year old daughter) are headed to NYC for Thanksgiving week for a getaway and to indulge our love of musicals. Our schedule works out so that we can leave NYC via LGA either Thurs (Thanksgiving day) or stay the extra night and head out on Friday. How hellish is it getting from the Upper West Side to LGA on t'giving day, knowing that we'll be within a few blocks of the parade route?

Bonus questions: assuming we don't want to camp out for the parade, and that we're not into Times Square craziness...what would you recommend we fill the day with on that Thursday if we do stay? Museums are mostly closed, most Broadways shows (with a few exceptions that mostly aren't for the 11 year old) aren't running....suggestions?
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If you get the M60 SBS service to LaGuardia that starts at 107 and Broadway, you will be well clear of the route. But even a taxi would have to go through the park at 86th, sufficiently far north of the start point for there not to be extraordinary disruption (there won't be a ton of other vehicle traffic).

I believe all the "building tops" are open on T-day (but check). The one at the WTC would be the one most remote from parade activities. The SI Ferry runs on T-day (reduced schedule) so you could throw that in. I believe the Museum of the American Indian, also nearby, is open, too.
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