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I'm looking for some gifting inspiration for someone (male-identifying) with the following interests: 1) Classic Sci-Fi - Particularly military sci-fi (Starship Troopers is a fave) and Heinlein 2) Cooking - Asian food and baking are particular interests. I might be looking for a really nice rolling pin for serious baking but unsure how to find such a thing. Apartment is very small so nothing of size is really on the list for inclusion here. 3) Video games - Borderlands, the Division 4) Audio books

He also loves caramel, and I've found a fancy caramel maker in Canada from whom I plan to order about $25 in caramels. I would be looking to spend about another $75-100 on this endeavor.

The rolling pin thing is of particular interest, but I do not know how to select a really, uh, baller rolling pin? I don't think just going to Williams Sonoma and being like, give me your most fancy rolling pin is really the solution here but hey, I could be wrong.

Hit me with your suggestions! I am not a huge sci-fi nerd myself and while I've been present while someone has played through a lot of shooters, I am not a player of shooters.
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Really, the best rolling pins for serious bakers are French-style tapered pins which are nowhere near your price limit and have the advantage of being completely low tech so there isn't a huge difference in quality.

That said, if you want a SF themed embossed rolling pin, those exist.

Maybe a nice set? A tapered pin for serious work and an embossed roller for fun?
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2nding the French style pin - I looooove mine. Per mr. brilliantine, Borderlands 3 is coming out in a few days and would be a chunk of your remaining budget (unless they pre-ordered). He also recommends Armor by John Steakley, available on Audible and fits the military sci fi brief.
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He might like the "Frontline" books by Marko Kloos:

I have read three of them. They feel like a decent successor to Haldeman's "Forever War" series which itself was a more-modern take on the issues in "Starship Troopers."

If space is tight, how about a baking class?
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I really enjoyed the audiobooks of The Expanse series, excellently read by Jefferson Mays.
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Seconding Joe Haldeman's Forever War series.
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If he hasn't got a bench scraper, bowl scrapers and silicone pastry mat then those are well worth considering for any baker. They also are small and frequently useful.
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Oooh, as another Starship Troopers lover let me strongly recommend the audiobook of Old Man's War by (MeFi's Own) John Scalzi. It's a nicely updated take on a quite similar concept - at times almost closer to a beat-for-beat homage, but very lovingly done. The audiobook is narrated very engagingly. If your friend has an Audible account, you can buy him an Audible version as a gift either with your own account or with a credit card (instructions here.)

If your friend has already read it, which would be unsurprising if he likes that sort of thing, then the audiobook of The Collapsing Empire: The Interdependency, Book 1, also by John Scalzi, is really good too.
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Favorited a few things and sort of sideways picked my target's brain . . .I ended up ordering a rolling pin that will satisfy his complaints about the current model! Going to supplement with a few smaller things to go along with it, but this was all helpful!
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