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If you LOVE "Succession", "Atlanta", and "The Leftovers", what else do you love? (I realize I'm sharply constraining response. That's my intention.)
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I'll start. Sticking to TV (though that wasn't a condition) and weeding out the obvious (e.g. The Wire, Chernobyl, and Breaking Bad): Mr. Inbetween, Rectify, Killing Eve, Fleabag, You're the Worst (first seasons), The Other Two, Hannibal, Luck, Party Down, Better Call Saul, Deutschland 83 (and 86), The Americans, Rick and Morty, The Young Pope, Trust. Two Japanese food shows on Netflix (couldn't be more different): Midnight Diner and Hyper HardBoiled Gourmet Report
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Mad Men
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Dear White People, Endeavour, Los Espookys, Dark, Steven Universe, Silicon Valley.

I thought there wasn't a lot of chemistry in Killing Eve (the situation was provocative but the chemistry, not so much), and I thought Fleabag was good but pulled its (self-inflicted) punches.
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cocoagirl: I'm 18 epis into Steven Universe. Sepinwall says it gets better. When does it get better?
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Steven Universe never got better for me. I've watched basically the entire series and I never started enjoying it.

Other shows you might like:
The latter seasons of adventure time maybe
Gentleman Jack
Derry Girls
Tuca & Bertie
Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell
Norsemen (a very dark comedy)
Call the Midwife
Years and Years
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We have been watching The Righteous Gemstones right after we watch Succession and I think they make good bookends. Families with power/wealth and how they handle it (or don't).
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Also The Affair - you can start from the beginning of this season.
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I don't see Bojack Horseman listed. Is that for a reason?

Also, the Good Place.
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Oh also you listed Atlanta and You're The Worst* but not Better Things, which is also outstanding.

*You're the Worst also really nailed the landing, so I recommend finishing it
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(obligatory?) Six Feet Under

Still holds up as great TV, now on rewatch on FanFare
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(Not to wander too far from the question, but if you liked Fleabag and You’re the Worst, you would really like Catastrophe as well.)
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Billions is like Succession, but with the rich funtimes turned up to 11,000 and much less in the way of actual, textual consciousness about how terrible these people all are.

Righteous Gemstones is a lot like Succession, but with more overt physical comedy, and in a modern mega-church context. But you get parallels of "terrible patriarch, two sons of not-great competence, daughter-of-better-than-them-competence, and various people in the family orbit with their own agendas." The first season kicks off with a scenario where the Kendall figure tries to cover up a scandal, and instead of throwing himself on parental mercy, ends up enlisting his siblings when he is blackmailed. (There are a few other similarities, too, but I don't want to spoil you.)

And American Crime Story, especially the OJ season, is spectacular and has a similar gift for characterization that pulls against tragedy. And the TV series Fargo is a lot of fun. And Pose is brilliant.
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I've watched both full seasons of Atlanta twice and the only thing rivals it for me. is Bojack Horseman for its mix of treating real human (and animated anthropomorphic animal) questions of loyalty, love and success through absurdity, surrealness and a deep love for the strange world their characters inhabit.

Plus, to be a real Atlanta fan, you need to catch the Bojack Horseman reference Tracy makes to Earn in S2E2 right before he robs that shoe place in the mall.

Also, Claws and Pose come close to catching the urban surreal feel of Atlanta but the show's characters are nowhere near as morally complex as you find in Atlanta or Bojack.
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If you like dreamy weirdness and cool visuals, try Legion. I actually bounced off it in season 2 but season 1 is one of my favorite seasons of any show ever.
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Seconding Billions
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showbiz_liz, Legion season 3 was a return to form IMO
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Perpetual Grace LTD, Russian Doll, Mr. Robot, Fargo, Homecoming, Insecure, Catastrophe, Better Things, Halt and Catch Fire, The Knick (amongst a million much good stuff out there)
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For me, Steven Universe starting coming together around ep 25-30, and was cemented as awesome ep 35.
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Bored to Death
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Re: Steven Universe, I would watch the next 2 episodes (coach Steven, rose's room) if only for the songs, then get to Mirror Gem and watch that whole arc. I personally love Steven and the Stevens, but it's a standalone and you can come back to it and Monster Buddies. Things pick up after Mirror Gem. Maximum Capacity was the first episode that made me stand out of my chair.
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+1 Catastrophe

Get Shorty
+1 Halt & Catch Fire
The Returned

Top of the Lake
Babylon Berlin
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For Japanese food shows on Netflix, Samurai Gourmet is fun. Kintaro: Sweet Tooth Samurai is similar but maybe a little too wacky at times.

Not on Netflix, but easy to find subtitled via alternative methods, is Kodoku no Gourmet (The Lonely Gourmet), the greatest of the Japanese food shows now in its 8th season. And those same sites will have several seasons of pre-Netflix Midnight Diner (which is darker) as well as the two Midnight Diner movies.
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I'm watching Carnival Row on Amazon right now and I think you might find it extremely your shit.
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