What is this mid-80s Toyota hatchback? I love it.
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Recently I saw a red Toyota hatchback of presumably 1980s vintage. I loved it and wanted to know what it was, but it didn't have a model name badge, and cursory web research hasn't helped me ID it. Here's a photo of the front, and this is the back. That's all!
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Looks like a 1980 Corolla.
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I was thinking it's a Celica but it could be a Corolla.

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Actually it looks like it matches the 1982 corolla tail lights; the backup light was closer to the license plate in 1981 and earlier.
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AE86 Corolla (wiki)
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It doesn't have covered flip-up headlights, so I don't think it's the AE86.

But the Corolla answers put me on the right trackā€”I'm almost positive that's what it is, specifically an early 80s Toyota Corolla SR-5 Fastback.

Thank you!
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Note that AE86 Corollas are stupidly expensive, due to that model starring in the 90s manga/anime Initial D. The resulting price bump is known as the "tofu tax" for reasons explained by the plot.

Hopefully the model you've fallen for is sufficiently different to avoid that effect, but it's definitely something to be aware of if you're shopping for 80s Corollas - and I'd guess this model shares a lot of parts.
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