Sucking brushes dog edition
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I have a shop vac. I'd like to use it to brush my medium hair, double coat dog to cut down on house vacuuming. However I need a brush attachment for the hose. I have a bristle upolstry brush that doesn't work out the undercoat. Looking for a recommendation for hose brush for the dog (but if it did double duty for the cat that would be great too.)

When I went searching I had something like this rubbery brush in mind but the search revealed a ton of options so now I'm looking for recommendations.
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I am sorry to say that I don't know of an attachment to reccomend but will suggest welders gloves an a face mask when attempting to vaccuum the cat.
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You may be able to get something at a vacuum repair shop. My mother had a cat who loved to be vacuumed, but on regular vacs there is a way to reduce the suction by opening a slot on the tube. I don't know if shop vacs have this feature, and if not, I would be cautious doing this.
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Response by poster: welders gloves an a face mask

My cat is actually really tolerant of the vacuum. I use it now to suck off loose fur just by loosely covering the end of the wand with my fingers.
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