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I'm leading a study group online (via Google Hangouts) and it occurs to me that it would be really useful if I were able to write things that other people could see, rather than type. What's a good (cheap) way to do this? I'm eyeing the very low end drawing tablets, but am wondering if there are other options.

My budget is probably $50 max, preferably less. Does anyone have experience with the Huion and/or X-Pen tablets? Huion seems to get at least respectable reviews. When this sort of question came up before everyone said "buy an actual drawing tablet", but the Wacom ones start at $80. I also have a 1st gen iPad, but it doesn't look like that's usable for this any longer. (There's a mirroring app. It requires iOS9.) I have a MacBook Air.
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Would it work get some kind of gooseneck phone mount that would capture what you write (on paper or a whiteboard) from above? Or do you want to have a higher-fidelity digital record of it?
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I got a cheapo little wired Huion off of Amazon quite awhile ago for a project and it worked completely fine, though it wasn't anything remarkable. I'd probably lean towards one of the newer ones that doesn't require a battery in the stylus, because I think they have a slightly slimmer stylus? The one I had was pretty chunky compared to a normal pen, but that was the only thing I didn't really care for.
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I've been planning on doing this with a $14 microphone mount I got off eBay and a $50 webcam someone gave me as a gift, then pointing that at some paper. You can certainly use a cheaper webcam though.
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Best answer: You could do this for free with your iPad or phone (just use a stylus pen to make it easier to write on either).

1. Open Google Jamboard on your computer and create a new Jam (basically, an interactive whiteboard).
2. Install the Jamboard app on your phone or tablet and open the same Jam.
3. Start the hangout from your computer.
4. Share your computer screen (you can just share the browser window with Jamboard open).
5. Draw on your phone or tablet. It'll show up on the Jam on your computer screen, and everyone else will see it.

You could also do this with another whiteboard app that's usable on a phone, of course!
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