Texas Hill Country Bachelorette Party
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For her bachelorette party, the bride would like to fly into Austin for a night and then go to a Texas Hill Country resort/ranch for a long weekend. I think this is a fabulous idea, but know nothing about Texas. Any recommendations for resorts/ranches in that area? Any tips for making this an amazing bachelorette weekend?

There are six women in the bridal party, all in early/mid thirties. Two will be heavily pregnant (2nd/3rd trimester), but all are reasonably fit. Ranch-style activities would be more fun than spa-style activities. We're still figuring out budget, but can afford to be a bit lavish. We're planning this for around Veteran's Day weekend (early/mid-November).

Any recommendations for resorts/ranches in the Austin Texas Hill Country area? Any tips for making this an amazing bachelorette weekend?
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Just want to say, speaking as a third trimester pregnant person, I am reasonably fit in general but I'd laugh myself sick if someone tried to get me on a horse right now. My pelvis started falling apart around week 28, and I'm only able to walk at all now thanks to physical therapy. Please pick a few activities that don't assume people are in great shape or are fun to spectate, because late pregnancy can mess you up.
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Several people I know have held anniversary and other special occasion events at Camp Lucy in Dripping Springs. From their pictures, I think it may be more "spa" than "ranch," but it's worth a look.
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I have attended a bachelorette party at Lost Pines and it was very nice and a bit lavish.
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The Hyatt Regency Lost Pines Resort offers horseback riding, hiking, swimming, and biking (in addition to typical spa/resort stuff). And it's only a half-hour drive from the airport.
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