Real interior design inspiration, please!
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Looking for books, blogs, Instagram, YouTube channel recommendations of real people's interior design.

I've read the previous Asks, so I went down the Pinterest rabbithole of what seemed like staged livingroom sets. Everything looked as if I were in an IKEA showroom.

One person's IG I really like is: Stacey-Ann Blake, "designaddictmom".

I love some of Architectural Digest's series where celebs show us their homes. Guilty pleasure plus I got some inspiration from Liv Tyler's home.

I follow apartment therapy, and other brands, but I want inspiration from regular people or people who make a living designing.

I picked up a few books from the library following the "cozy minimalist" theme. I got some things out of one of the books, but I'd like more recommendations.

Style-wise I'm into decluttering ala Marie Kondo and have already read her books. Simple, cozy, and functional but beautiful would summarize my design style.

If anyone has Pinterest tips I'm open to that as well. When I searched under "grey sofa living room", I was not impressed; there are so many ads cluttering the site.
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Design Sponge is an awesome site and resource but just closed this summer (although I think it will stay online for a while).

I might be the opposite of cozy minimalist but! just in case, for interior design porn, I enjoy following: kelly wearstler, beata heuman, la maison pierre frey, studio shamshiri, virginia tupker, the world of interiors. These are real people, just one with giant budgets—but I do take inspiration from here and then hunt for stuff on my own.

I bookmarked this slideshow from The Cut and go back to it often: 18 Architects and Interior Designers on Their Favorite Rooms of All Time

Beautiful but $$$ coffee table book: Haute Bohemians by Miguel Flores-Vianna
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The Sorry Girls on YouTube may suit your style, they often do simple DIY stuff and help others with their designs.

Mr Kate is similar though their work does tend to be more complex (mainly because a lot of the people they work with have big personalities) but they have done more minimalistic styles too.
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We may have similar tastes in decorating. Books I've liked:

Furnishing Forward- A Practical Guide To Furnishing For a Lifetime - Sheila Bridges (elegance and practicality; mixes high & low)
Styled: Secrets for Arranging Rooms, from Tabletops to Bookshelves - Emily Henderson & Angelin Borsics (ideas for pretty displays, for the stuff kept after decluttering)
Remix: Decorating with Culture, Objects, and Soul - Jeanine Hays & Bryan Mason (personalizing a home)

On Pinterest, try using the drop-down menu next to the search box to pick "Boards" -- several users have already cultivated "grey sofa living room" collections, and I seem to get fewer ads that way.
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You might like /r/AmateurRoomPorn.
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I love to watch the videos for DesignChickee by Olga Gomes. I commented on her in response to a recent question on lesser known vlogs and now I'm recommending her again as a real person who makes a living as a designer. I think she does a great job of explaining design concepts. I’ve been in search of the perfect sofa for my smallish living room for more than a year and her piece on sofas has given me a real sense of direction. I still haven’t found the perfect sofa, but it's only been a few weeks and now I know what NOT to look for.
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There's a terrific book from 1999 called Tokyo: A Certain Style. It opens your eyes to how people actually live in Tokyo. The spaces are small, and the interiors don't create a spare feeling of chic minimalism -- Kon Mari they're not -- but it's so interesting to see how people make the best use of extremely limited space. And some of the places are gorgeous. But they're all tiny. They come with little bios of the people who live in the spaces. One of the people whose apartment was featured calls it cockpit living.

I got my copy for about 20 bucks years ago, but there must not have been another edition or something -- they're expensive these days. I'd check to see if a nearby library has it.
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