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I'm hosting a meetup in Brooklyn next weekend and am looking for some fun activity for fellow mefites to partake in.

It's a cookout/potluck, so mostly outside, though in case of bad weather there's enough space inside for everyone to sit/socialize/participate in a fun game.

I've got a decent sized backyard though it's on a slope, and cornhole was suggested already. Normally this is the type of thing that I would create a Metafilter specific gameshow around, but I've got a busier than normal week so that's out of the question.
What are some non-prep/labor intensive group activities that you think your fellow mefites would enjoy partaking in(of?)?
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I've had a blast at meetups playing a game we call NanoComics. It's an exquisite corpse-style game that goes like this:

Materials: Pens/pencils for everyone, writing surfaces for everyone (large books, clipboards, etc.), stack of printer paper

1. Everybody gets a pen and a writing surface and one piece of printer paper per round.
2. Set a timer for 3 minutes.
3. In 3 minutes, come up with the title of a panel comic you'd like to read and write it in a sensible place on your printer paper. Make sure to leave plenty of room for the actual comic.
4. Gather the titles together into a stack, and immediately re-distribute to the group at random.
5. Set a timer for 10 minutes. (This seems long until you start drawing, then it seems way too short.)
6. In 10 minutes, draw the panel comic for the title you received.
7. When time is up, pass the comics around the group.
8. Laugh, carouse, repeat.

Keep in mind that the first round will be awkward, and people will be hesitant to put their comic-creating skills up for public consumption. Subsequent rounds will be much, much easier for everyone. We never came up with any rules for what could be a NanoComic title or a NanoComic comic, found it worked better to encourage freedom and creativity.
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The above reminded me of a group game that my friends play that we have not named (though it's similar to a game a different group used to call "visual Telephone") but instead just refer to as Best Game. It is the best game.

- In a group of x people, give everyone a pen and a stack of x pieces of paper (unlined index cards are best but you can also just tear pieces of printer paper into about the same size).
- Everyone writes down a sentence or phrase of their choosing (it's better if this is a little bit abstract—so for instance "my secret is I'm always angry" will work better than "The Incredible Hulk"). It would take a little more preparation, but you COULD find a bunch of phrases that people have jokingly appropriated as Metafilter taglines, or even just a bunch of FPP titles, and assign them (individually! It's important that nobody knows what other people have) as the first round.
- Once everyone is finished, pass the ENTIRE stack one person to the right. The recipient should look at the sentence, move it to the back of the stack, and commence to draw the same idea.
- Once everyone is finished, pass the ENTIRE stack one person to the right. The recipient should look at the drawing, move it to the back of the stack, and commence to describe the drawing in a sentence or phrase.
- Continue until everyone gets the stack that started with their original sentence.
- Show everyone the progression.
- Pee yourself laughing.
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Addendum: Looking at current FPP titles, I may honestly steal some of these for the next time I play Best Game. "An extremely heavy bronze hippo," "A bowl of clear, gelatinous bird spit sits on the kitchen table," and "How to clean your dangling whale," just as a few recent examples, would make perfect seeds.
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babelfish’s game really is the best game. I forget what my friends called it, but I do remember my upstairs neighbor trying to stomp out the ensuing laugh riot.
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Ha, I was just coming in to suggest the game described by babelfish, with a small caveat. I call it Pictionary Telephone and a contingent of Mefites is playing it through the mail even now! (Explanation; some results.)

I love this game and how easy it is to play in person. My only caveat is that you kinda need a place to write/draw (best if people are sitting around a big table, say) and it's not a game you can easily join in the middle, which can be slightly awkward if people are coming & going--but not much more awkward than any other organized activity might be.
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I came here to suggest the same game as the last n people. It has many names. I was introduced to it as "Eat Poop, You Cat."

Proverbs/sayings work great as the starting point, I find.
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Surrealist poker.

This is a game that my friends and college and I came up with and we played it several times to great effect. I have described this before, will do it again: It's just regular five-card poker. Only - you can bet literally anything in the entire world. No, seriously, ANYTHING. Here is what I mean.

You just need a deck of cards, paper, and a pen. The dealer deals just like in regular poker. The first person to place a bet announces what they are betting, and it can seriously be anything in the entire world. (One opening bid I remember: "Three cacti.") The dealer writes it down. The next person makes their bid, and the dealer writes it down. And so on. If anyone raises the bid - either on purpose or inadvertently - everyone goes around and matches or raises the bid, the dealer writing down all the bids. Once everyone's put in a bid, everyone has the chance to trade in some cards with the dealer. Then there's one more round of bidding. Once everyone's bid that second time, then everyone shows their hands; the winning hand is the winning hand, and the dealer reads out the full list of everything that's been bid before presenting that list to the winner. Then dealing passes one player to the right and you start all over again.

The fun comes in with the bidding itself, and the negotiations that go on when you're trying to establish the relative worth of each bid. Does "a herd of stampeding Mogwai" match the current bid of "all the gravy in the world" or does it raise it? Sometimes the bidding itself goes on for a good 20 minutes, when you've ironed out that "a sack of sloths" actually raises the bid and everyone has to pony up, but then you realize someone else's bid of "1953" has raised the bidding as well and you all need to go again. Plus reading the full list of things out is profoundly silly.
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Celebrity and Botticelli are both games I’ve enjoyed with mefites in the past.
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