If I retweet myself, where will it show up?
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(I swear I can't find this in Google.) Will the RT show up in my feed? It isn't. My profile says I RT'd it and it's at the top of my activity, but not in my feed. Therefore I wonder if it went out at all. Thanks.
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Talking about Twitter, of course.
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I don’t think it’ll show up in your own feed as a separate, second tweet, but if you look at the original tweet, it should show that you RTd it, and it’ll show up as an effectively new, duplicated tweet in your followers’ feeds, which is presumably the most important thing (I actually did it earlier today from one of my accounts and it appeared anew in the feed of another of my accounts that follows the first so I know this bit to be true...).
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This is exactly right. Your followers will see it tweeted and if they look closely can see the date of the original tweet. I see this a lot when people RT anniversary or holiday tweets.
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In your timeline? "Retweet" will keep the tweet in place and turn the arrow-circle thing green. "Retweet with comment" creates a new tweet that should show up on your TL (and doesn't turn the arrow-circle green).
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