Dimly-remembered scene with George Clooney, pink haze, and a log
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A patron asks (and I paraphrase): "I remember seeing George Clooney in a movie sometime between 2000-2015 or so. He is sitting on a log at the edge of a...swamp? wooded area?, explaining to a woman about what this area used to be, something about environmental destruction. What I remember most about the scene is the lighting, a warm pink haze. I dream about that haze." So which movie, and which scene, is she thinking of?
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On the basis of warm lighting and swamp/wooded area, my initial guess is something in O Brother, Where Art Thou? But I can't for the life of me think of anything like the other aspects of the scene you describe.
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Is it a scene from The Descendants? One of the subplots revolves around land in Hawaii and whether or not to sell it to a developer.
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Michael Clayton involved environmental damage as part of the plot but I don’t recall a scene like that. I do remember the beautiful hazy light in O Brother, maybe she’s combining the two in her mind somehow?
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What ChuraChura said.
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If there's any possibility it wasn't George Clooney I feel like this is a scene from I Heart Huckabees, with either Jason Schwartzman or Mark Wahlberg as the actor.
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My first thought was Michael Clayton, but I wouldn't rule out Solaris (2002). Could be one of the flashback scenes. Worth watching for the soundtrack.
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I suspect O Brother. Consider that it features:
  • George Clooney sitting on a log in the woods
  • George Clooney mansplaining dams to his ex-wife (Holly Hunter)
  • Gorgeous cinematography (fun fact: first film that was entirely digitally color graded!)

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Maybe the final scene of The American. This is not the whole thing, but he is headed for a wooded glen and it is pinkish.
I don’t know what conversation happens.
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I was also going to suggest The American, but not the final scene. Here's the trailer. I don't recall a log, but there is pink and a lake/river and conversation with a woman. He visits the area twice with one woman and is headed there a 3rd time for another woman.
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In Confessions of a Dangerous Mind (which he also directed), Clooney has a scene where he sits on a diving board, fully clothed, and talks to Sam Rockwell for a bit. It's not about environmental destruction but he is explaining some difficult / awful / typically unbelievable truths about Rockwell's past & present. It's at night and the pool is surrounded by trees, and Clooney is lit by eerie swimming pool light from beneath. There's a shot of his feet (in dress shoes) just above the surface of the water where some fog coming off the pool has a pinkish glow. Maybe it's that?

Here is a clip of that scene (SPOILERS ABOUND, even without sound on); the shoe shot is at 1:16.
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I never saw Tomorrowland (2015, with Clooney) but this SOUNDS like it could be from it.
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