KOIN's upgrade is stunning
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As part of a new branding campaign, Portland's KOIN has launched a new on-air look for its news. Wider shots, more color and most notably, a brighter and sharper image.

I'm trying to understand how they did it. My home television hasn't changed, but their image has higher contrast, seemingly more intensity of color and much sharper focus. Perhaps they've upgraded their studio cameras or done some serious lighting adjusting. What have they done to their broadcasted video image specifically to get this new look?
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The wider shots of the anchor desk also accommodates a new, huge multi-paneled video screen that's used during voice overs of SOTs.
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I don’t know if it’s related but they apparently got a new antenna That was due to be online In August. Maybe you’re getting a better signal? Assuming you’re watching OTA of course.
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It's very hard to say without video samples. But any number of simple video postprocessing algorithms can make things pop, at the expense of fidelity and subtlety.
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I don't know if you saw it already, but they posted a story today about the new set here.
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