Is there a way to clear all star ratings in Goodreads at once?
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Is it possible to remove/clear the star ratings for every book I’ve marked as “Read” in Goodreads, while retaining the read status as well as any associated start and/or finish dates?

I have a feeling this might not be possible to do with a single click, but is there a quick/simple way to do this that I am not finding? Or do I just need to go through every book on my Read shelf and clear the stars manually?

(If it matters, I use the Android app, but can also access the desktop site.)
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Is it possible to do this by exporting your library, clearing the ratings, then importing? I don’t know if this will work but that’s the first thing I would try.
posted by lyssabee at 7:11 AM on September 6, 2019

lyssabee: That sure seemed like a good idea, but didn't seem to work.

I exported my library to a csv file, set every number under the "My Rating" column to zero, then re-imported the csv file. My understanding is that should have cleared all star ratings while leaving everything else as-is; unfortunately, it didn't have any effect on my library. And when I re-export my library, the numbers in the "My Rating" column of the csv file still reflect the pre-zeroed-out ratings.
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Can you just start a new account and import the csv file into there?
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exceptinsects: That, I think, is a step further than I'd like to go, as I don't want to have to go through all the work of re-following my favorite authors, rebuilding my friend list, etc.

I appreciate the suggestions, though, everyone. If nothing else, it confirms to me that there's not a quick and easy way to accomplish this.
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Have you tried contacting the Goodreads help desk people? I’ve had good results with them in the past...
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