Do YouTube's Single-Use Stream Keys Have a Limited Shelf Life?
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How long after they're created will they still work?

I stream to YouTube all the time and have to use single-use stream keys for various reasons. I've discovered, however, that if I wait too long to initiate the stream once the key is generated, the link seems to no longer be functional. I'm talking days and weeks, not hours. Keys seem to be fine for about four or five days but after that, it won't work. I'm trying to either confirm this or refute it. YouTube's tech support is woefully inadequate and hasn't bothered to respond to any of my queries, so I look to the hive mind for answers.
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I support a YouTube stream four times a year for work. My clients on this want a link to an event page as early as possible, so in the past I've created the stream key two weeks in advance.

As you have found, this led to some wonky results.

We've compromised on a workaround where they have a web page that announces the event, and the link to the event goes live the day before, when I create the stream key.

So, informally, you're clear if you go live within 24 hours.

Sorry I can't be more specific, but I was in the same boat as you - inadequate tech support from YouTube, and casting about for answers on the internet - and this seems to work.
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