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I'm struggling to come up with a catchy name for a book club! I'm a middle school librarian and I am starting a quarterly book club at my middle school where we will be picking books that have been made into movies. We'll read the book, then discuss, make some sort of themed craft or project, then watch the movie while eating themed snacks. This is very last minute as I need to turn in my club request form tomorrow. Thanks hive-mind!
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Better than the Movie Book Club
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Book Watchers
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Tween scene book club
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from Page to Screen
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The (Your School) Book Re-View
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BookFlicks / BookFlix
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Page Views
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Read 'em and Peep.
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I liked the book better
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The Epic Readers Club
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Hollyword Book Club
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I was trying to think of a punny way to say "the book was better" but after argonauta's "Page Views" I'm in love and will just waste my comment voting for that one!
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Screenwriters' Book Club.
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Book Lookers
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Pages and Popcorn
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The first novel ever adapted for film was called Trilby by George du Maurier (1895). It featured the evil magician Svengali. I would call the club The Trilbies and explain its meaning the first day as a bit of cool insider lore. (A trilby is also a kind of hat, which could come in handy.)
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Reading Credits
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Super Subtext

Dog Ears

Serif You Know What I Mean

Page Turner

Read Dog Ears

Spines of Glory

Thank You Trees

Read First Talk Second
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Screen Printing (or Screen Printers' Society, etc.)
Rhymes with Silver Screen
Tome Raiders
Front Row Readers
Flicks and Leaves
Paper View
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Lego mei Video
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Reel Books
Shelves and Screens
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Book Rights! Camera! Action!
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Reading the Movie
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Box Office Book Club
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The Books Office
Picture Book Club
Look Book Club
Read Between the Scenes
Reader Features
Read for the Stars
Spines & Lines
Print Screen
Reads & Reels
A Thousand Words
A Word to the Eyes
Beyond Words
Famous Cast Words
A Club of View Words
Golden Pages of Cinema
Club Hollyword
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Read Flicks n’ Chill (probably doesn’t make it past the middle school appropriate filter but too bad)
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bookmammal's suggestion of BookFlix is not going to be beaten for your audience. It's perfect.

I do want to underline that you should use flix instead of the alternate flicks suggestion, as your kids are not going to know that flicks means movies -- I don't think anyone has gone to the flicks for more than 20 years.
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Thank you all for your suggestions! Some of them are killing me - so clever, but also my kids won't have a clue. (I would die to use Tome Raiders. It's amazing!)

I shared all of your suggestions with my co-sponsor and we submitted five name options to our assistant principal. If he approves the club, then we'll narrow it down.

Thanks again!
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