Dance music for an eclectic five year old
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My 5 year old has eclectic music takes that have recently taken her into recent-ish poppy dance tracks and non-dancy tracks that she can be silly to. I’d like to expand the playlist. Because I have to listen to this mix, I’m looking for suggestions that meet my own criteria.

Going to camp this summer has exposed daughter to some more mainstream pop that we generally don’t play. Some current favorites include Old Town Road by Lil Nas X, High Hopes by Panic! At the Disco, and Thunder by Imagine Dragons. She also likes Fireworks and Roar by Katy Perry. American Boy by Estelle/Kanye, Shake it off, Uptown Funk, Pharrell’s Happy, Etc.

At the same time she is currently in love with Blonde by Alizée, and Wiggy Giggy by the Lovely Eggs. She likes some Lana del Rey remixes. Loves Hello by Martin Solveig and is amused by PPAP by Pikotaro. Tomber la chemise by Zebda.

She has not responded well at all to Robyn (gasp) or Madonna. We tried some big beat (e.g. Fatboy Slim) and she acted as if I was torturing her.

I’d like to fill in some more music to keep the party going.

Dad requirements: any language is ok, but we’re particularly interested in French, Italian, and Swedish, given some forthcoming travel. Clean is preferred (Icona Pop is a favorite, but dear child is perilously close to announcing she’s a “90s bitch” and I need to find the Kidz Bop version post haste). Tbh, not concerned about objectionable content in foreign languages, which we’d just censor if a native speaker visits with their kids.

Any genre, but kid seems to prefer uptempo tracks with female singers that get started quickly (Alizée’s Blonde is perfect in this regard). For dad, no J pop/ K pop, but I’d welcome other genres of Japanese and Korean music that fit our vibe.
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Mr. Oizo ft. Charli XCX Hand in the Fire
Superorganism is an international pop collective, their Tiny Desk concert is a good introduction.
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We listen to a lot of Twenty One Pilots when kids are in the car because their discography is more solid than most pop, a little more depth, and no swearing. A few of the songs do mention suicide, so that's the only thing I'd look out for. Good bets: Holding On To You, Not Today, My Blood, Morph, We Don't Believe What's On TV, Ride, Stressed Out, and The Pantaloon.
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please play boney m's rasputin for her
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My kids and I got way into Blanco Brown's The Git Up this summer. Fun to sing & dance to.
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This DJ runs an mp3 blog and posts mixes for her daughter called "Daphne Music." There are 20 of them so far over the years and they are very eclectic and quite good. And the downloads are free. Bonus.
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Stromae (French electronic)
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