Help me plan a my in-laws' visit, need ideas of things to do in Socal.
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I need some fun ideas that are inexpensive, not strenuous in the least, are within a 2 hour drive from Port Hueneme and will be memorable.

My in-laws are elderly. They're Texans (and are even descended from actual cowboys found in books). They love Western films, beer, Mexican food and the like. No, they are not rednecks, lol!

They can no longer tolerate walking. I don't think they can tolerate long days in the car and we cannot afford to kennel the dogs, nor can they even tolerate the dogs due to allergies, now. This leaves us in a tight situation.

We are considering a train ride for a day, up to maybe San Luis Obispo or a little further south, so if you have any ideas along that route that would be great, otherwise we need something that is less than about two hours by car from Port Hueneme.

Any ideas are welcome but we are struggling financially at the moment. I really need to keep the cost way down, especially since they are considering assisted living and we will need to help them.

Thanks in advance!
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Santa Barbara has the Carriage and Western Art museum and free art gallery entry on the first Thursday of every month. The beaches are also amazing. It's about 50 minutes by car.

Otherwise: Metrolink into LA is $13.75 round trip and includes a free LA metro transfer. You would drive into the Oxnard train station (the Murphy Auto Museum in Oxnard is also free, btw!), where parking is free, and then take the Metrolink to Union Station. IDK whether your in-laws can still walk around museums or if you can get a dogsitter, but there's a list of free museums in LA here:

The Broad is free with reservation, the Alamo Drafthouse and Downtown Independent sometimes host free screenings and The Last Bookstore is a great place to spend an afternoon (also has very comfortable couches). All these things are within 5 minutes of a metro station.

TV show tapings are also usually free! Many of them are in Studio City, which according to Maps is an hour away from Port Hueneme. Here's a guide for getting tickets:
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If they like architecture, the missions at Santa Barbara, Solvang, Ventura and San Fernando are within your range. They're free or a handful of $ at most, and the grounds are free.
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