Illustrate the cannabis industry, but don't ILLUSTRATE it...
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I have to create a little scene with an animation tool in which I say my organization cannot partner with the cannabis industry, in a 15-ish second portion of a longer video. I do not want to get fired.

It is OK to be funny, but not, say, depict someone smoking a blunt.

How would you show, not tell? A voiceover will do the telling. It does need to be reasonably simple due to limitations of the tool.
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What about using the NORML logo as a placeholder? (More recognizeable) or maybe the National Cannabis Industry Association (NCIA) logo?
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Best answer: Just take a green cannabis leaf and turn it brown. That's perfect for 15 seconds.
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A green cross (equal-armed, like the Swiss flag or the Red Cross logo) is sometimes used as a symbol for medical marijuana. It's more subtle than showing a leaf or bud or some paraphernalia, though also less widely recognized.
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Why not just show a picture of a dispensary? There are many more modern-looking ones with contemporary logos and graphic design that make them largely indistinguishable from a wellness center or medical clinic.
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Response by poster: Caveat: not in the US. Do you all think a dispensary would be recognizable if sort of glorped from an animated clinic, which I think I have, using the green cross?
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In Europe, a green cross is a generic symbol for a pharmacy. Not sure how worldwide that iconography is.
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Use the chemical structure of THC. (for example)
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I'm not sure how well known they are outside of the US, but perhaps a picture of Cheech & Chong?
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I definitely think that the green plant turning brown/withering is the way to go. It's a tiny bit funny in a "whomp-whomp" kind of way but depicts the industry very neutrally instead of making a joke of it. Plus then there isn't anything complex to visually decode during the narration.
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Naw, just use a couple of people who look hilariously hopeful, or kind of disappointed and a little hurt.
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Is it important to distinguish between the different cannabis/hemp uses (fiber, oil, seeds, CBD, THC) or are they all out of bounds? That's the only issue I can see with using a leaf.
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Response by poster: Hm, if it were fiber and only fiber it might be OK but otherwise nada.

[sacrifix lolllll you are the second person to suggest this but I think it's too close to the line.]

15 seconds is actually really long, but I think the green to brown plant is on the right track and could be part of it...
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The first image that came to mind was a cartoon person holding a potted plant* as if to offer it to the viewer. Followed by the addition of a red circle with a slash through it over the picture, or a cartoon recipient shaking their head no, or the happy green plant turning brown.

*=potted plant, pot plant, potted pot plant, however explicit or veiled you need to make it.
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I definitely think doing some kind of animation involving a cannabis leaf (withering and dying or blowing away in the wind or a big crossed-out circle slowly fades in over it or whatever) would be the way to go here.
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Something with a bloodhound?
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Show a cartoon guy shaking hands with a cartoon potleaf and put an X over it?
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The green cross is likely not widely known outside states where cannabis is legal (plus it relies on color to make sense, so not accessible to color-impaired viewers).

I would do a cannabis leaf with a red NO circle-with-a-slash appearing over it.
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My quick-and-dirty go-to suggestion for stuff like this would be using something from iconmonstr, which has a bunch of generic royalty-free stop/prohibited symbols (the .png download option lets you change the colour) that could be paired with a cannabis leaf icon from the noun project, with some kind of fade-in transition where the stop/no/prohibited icon fades in.
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I think instead of turning brown, the green pot plant or leaf should just sadly wilt.
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Maybe with a sad slide whistle or violin making a descending eeeeeoooo sound.
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Best answer: Someone offering a cartoon character a potted plant in outstretched hands and him shaking his head and walking away or putting it down and walking away. This will take up more of your allotted time, as much as I prefer the leaf turning brown idea, that’s five seconds max.
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I was thinking about the circle-slash, but depending on the details of the video, that might be seen more as a "weed is bad" message, rather than a "we are unfortunately not able to partner with dispensaries".

I'd suggest your org's logo on the left and a marijuana leaf on the right. As the voiceover explains the situation, a line appears dividing the logos (and maybe logos of orgs you can partner with appear on the left). As the message finishes, everything shifts to the right, leaving the leaf and the line offscreen and your org's logo centered, and ready to transition to the next bit of video.
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Here is my idea that comes to mind: A closeup video of someone's hand repeatedly trying to work a lighter, or a match, and there's maybe just a tiny spark, but no fire. It also has a bonus meaning—you don't want to be fired.
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A happy farmer driving a tractor pulling a trailer filled with indeterminate greens, coming up to stop sign or "wrong way" sign, looks sad, drives away.
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You don't say what message you're trying to convey with this imagery.
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Response by poster: I'm going to finish the video today, but I think Jubey's plan with the plant also wilting/turning brown if I can manage that is going to do it. This was a lot of fun, thanks for all your ideas! Many lols.

[To explain a bit - I use Vyond and it has its own image assets - I can add more if I wish but it's hard to find items that kind of match the look. The larger video is about our partnership policy in general.]
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Response by poster: OK, roughed it in, and my boss digs it. Woot!
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Response by poster: Showed it to a group for whom I provide training this week. I think the cannabis bit was their favourite part :D
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