How to get foundation holes fixed
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What kind of professional will find and seal holes in or around our foundation? We have a hole in the ground next to our cement front stoop, maybe four inches in diameter. The house is suburban, fewer than 20 years old, and is a split level with several doors.

We have had a few small animals get in over the years: two mice, one salamander and one toad. The mice were years apart, so probably not related, but it could be same hole. We suspect one mouse came into the basement from a crawl space near the hole. We want to take steps to lower the chances of this happening. We also want to be sure the holes are not a structural issue, so maybe two different people? I don't want a lecture about just living with the problem.
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Check your local home improvement or hardware store, they should be able to recommend somebody. Specialist contractors that deal with foundations are a thing, but I think any general contractor should at least be able to assess the problem and would probably be able to give you a reference if you need serious work.

You'll want to find out if your area requires contractors to be licensed or not. If so, obviously you want a licensed contractor. The relevant government authority probably even has a database of licensed contractors. If your area does not require licenses, what you want to do instead is check that the contractor you talk to is insured.
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4"? Does it look like it was dug by a critter? Or like the ground just went away? Washed out by a downspout?
If not dug by an animal or downspout, Home inspector or structural engineer - they are not selling repairs.
Broken drain lines can carry off soil making little sinkholes. If it was a broken water line you'd most likely see flowing water.
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ruud135 is on the right track. It's important to figure out what caused this, because dirt doesn't just vanish. You might need an exterminator, a plumber, a cement contractor. If you have a handy friend who understands houses, they might see something that you're overlooking. Failing that, a decent handyman or general contractor should be able to figure it out.
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Oh, very good call on finding a home inspector. They definitely have the expertise to judge how serious the issue is, and they'll likely know some contractors who would be able to go the work.
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I would guess downspout/sinkhole before critter, but we got a lot of rain yesterday and that might have smoothed it all out.
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