Why Won't My Wacom Tablet Work?
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I have a Wacom Intuos GD--060-U tablet and pen. Until about six months ago, this tablet and pen, that I've had for 10 years, worked fine. But recently, the pen and tablet no longer work with MS Paint. I've plugged it in to my Win 7 desktop, and a Win 10 desktop and laptop. I've uninstalled and installed universal drivers from Wacom and the tablet still doesn't work.

I've also gotten other versions of Wacom tablets, including a Bamboo version. All of them connect via a USB cable and none of them seem to work with any of the PCs. I just bought a new Wacom Intuos with Bluetooth connectivity. But I want to make sure my old tablets won't work before I say goodbye to them. Has Wacom changed the interface somehow so that old tablets no longer work, or something?
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Response by poster: When I've gone to tablet properties, I get a message that says "Your device is not connected to the computer. Connect your device to a different port." I've never gotten that message before. I've connected the tablets to every USB port available and, nothing. Now, I'm not sure if the new tablet will work either.
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I have a Wacom tablet, but not in my current geographical location to test out anything. Have you tried the first step in this link (Restart Wacom Services)? Also, you mentioned you uninstalled/installed new drivers, but you didn't say how; if you haven't already tried uninstalling the device out of device manager you could try that too. I've sometimes found that that works better than just updating a driver.
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I am not familiar with these specific tablets, but it is likely the device has a USB to serial converter and is making a serial port when you plug in your USB. Somewhere in the Windows 7 development, serial port management seemed to go off the rails. Check in device manager in Windows when you plug your device in and there should be a new port added with a random port number. Right click and disable the port, then right click to enable it. Make sure your software points to this serial port number. For laptops, remember the mousepads and pointers on the keyboard are often serial and often use com ports 3 and 4, so best to start at 5 if you can renumber them.
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