Help! Chinese source, named in English, mentioned in Korean document?
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I'm stumbling my way through a Korean-language investment bank report and came across interesting data that is cited with the English-language name of a Chinese source. I can't identify anything by the name given.

The original text is

메탈 가격 상승을 반영하며 8월부터 양극재 가격도 반등을 시작하였다. Beijing Antakik
Information에 따르면 7월 31일 저점을 기준으로 NCM622 가격은 +2.8%, NCM523 가격은
1.3%, LCO 가격은 5.3% 상승하였다. 니켈 가격 상승이 6월 이후, 코발트 가격 상승이 7월 하반
월 이후 시작되었다는 점을 감안할 시, 양극재 판가 연동까지 1.5~2개월 정도 리드 타임이 있는
것으로 판단한다. 과거 대비 짧아진 판가 연동 구조이다. 메탈 가격의 변동성이 커지고, 재고관리
의 중요성이 높아지고 있는 매크로 환경으로 인하여 메탈 가격이 반영되는 리드타임이 축소되고
있는 것으로 판단한다.

What the heck is "Beijing Antakik Information?" The name of their source for Chinese cathode material price info seems... garbled.
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It may be a mistranslation/mistyping of Beijing Antaike Information Company Limited. Bloomberg has a profile of the company.
posted by Meldanthral at 6:33 PM on September 2, 2019

It appears to be a mistranslation. I know nothing about Korean, but if you add the letter that is at the end of "Beijing Antakik Information", it turns the translation into "Beijing hits on kik information." Google Translate offers "beijing-eun kikeu jeongbo-e chungdol" beneath it, suggesting to me that "kik" comes from "kikeu", whatever that is.

If you remove the line breaks and factor that change in, you get this translation:
Reflecting the rise in metal prices, cathode material prices began to rebound in August. According to information from Beijing hitter kik, the NCM622 price rose + 2.8%, NCM523 price rose 1.3% and LCO price rose 5.3% from the low of the 31st of July. Considering that nickel prices began to rise after June and cobalt prices began after 2H-July, we believe there is a lead time of 1.5 ~ 2 months for the positive electrode material price to be linked. The price index linkage structure is shorter than the past. We believe that the lead time for reflecting metal prices is shrinking due to the macro environment, which is becoming more volatile in metal prices and increasing the importance of inventory management.
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Meidanthral gets it in 1. Thank you!
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