Seeking advice and resources from social workers in the autism community
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Considering working in the autism community as a social worker and would like to hear from individuals already doing this for a career/as volunteers/etc. Best practices/resources for learning about the autism spectrum/advice on respectfully relating with those on the spectrum are all welcome.
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You may already be aware of this, but there is a divide (especially on social media) about talking about autism. Maybe this can be described as a divide between those with autism and those parenting children with autism. Or maybe this divide is better portrayed as looking at autism through a lens of neurodiversity versus training individuals to adhere to neurotypical norms of behavior (a lot of this is tied up with behavioral therapies that some people think are abusive... yet those are the codes in the insurance system, so practioners may have the label but don't practice it.
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Do you have an age range for who you are working with?
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