Looking for lyrically driven non-english rap that will melt my face off
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Preference given to Spanish (non-reggaeton? unless it's really damn good), Mandarin (other Sinitic languages welcome though), Japanese, but I'm down for anything

Obviously melting faces is very subjective, but I want to lean into that. If you have a non-english rap act that you think fits the bill, I want to hear it.

That said, I think my interests are a bit broader than that :) I like aggressive stuff, but I also like melodic stuff that might not necessarily be face melting. I like funny stuff, laid back stuff. The key for me is just that it's organized around the vocals, and it's not super repetitive. Basically, I don't want the pop-rap that is organized more like a pop song...nothing wrong with that! Just not what I'm looking for right now :) (this is also why reggaeton really depends on the artist...I have enjoyed a lot of older Calle 13, for example...I have no idea what his current stuff soudns like) I'm interested more in the hip hop style of stuff where the song has a whole progression etc.

Keeping this somewhat broad because I want broad recs!
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Suprême NTM maybe?
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The GTA: Vladivostok soundtrack had some Russian pieces. (SLSpotify)
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Baker boy is great and raps in Yolnu Matha (and English), an Aboriginal language from Northern Australia
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Could I interest you in some Francophone stuff?

SiannAllemagne (several more of her 'Tour du Monde en Freestyle' tracks are on YouTube)
Go Fast

Keny Arkana [she's Argentine-French so you'll hear Spanish sometimes]:
Capitale de la Rupture
J'ai Osé
On s'met bien (with Queen K-lifa and Outlaw)



A kele n'ta
Afro Trap Part.7 (La Puissance) [the rest of his 'Afro Trap' series is also on YouTube]
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The Amsterdam Klezmer Band performs their Klezmer rap song 'Chassid in Amsterdam'. Lyrics (in Dutch/Jiddish) in the description.
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As seen in Breaking Bad, 1977 by Ana Tijoux
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Not 100% sure it'll meet your requirements structure wise but I really enjoyed Mejor que el silencio by Nach. Look up Hambre de Victoria for a representative cut, just to see if it floats your boat.
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A small sampling of Korean artists

Giant Pink:
Mirror Mirror
Bub *

BTS: Mic Drop*

Jeon Soyeon: Scary*

I think only the BTS has English captions, but you can search youtube for any of the others for english translations.

*somewhat pop song structured, but still might be worth checking out.
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Sang Fezi by Wyclef Jean is in Haitian Creole
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This might be a stretch, but -

The cover/rewrite of Macklemore's "Can't Hold Us" done by the Irish-language immersion summer camp TD Lurgan. The backstory: there are a number of Irish-language immersion schools and summer camps throughout Ireland, started in an effort to support education of the Irish Gaelic language. The camps have a varying level of strictness in their adherance to an Irish-only policy, and have Irish-language classes in addition to the usual camp activities.

This camp started doing Youtube videos where they do Irish-language covers and adaptations of various pop songs, and they've become huge viral-video hits. Sometimes the translations are pretty faithful, and sometimes they're rewrites. This particular song is one of the rewrites - they totally chucked all the English lyrics and Macklemore's original rap and came up with their own thing. My Irish friend says that the Irish lyrics are a rallying cry to Irish teenagers to take ownership of learning Irish themselves instead of relying on the boring-as-hell school language classes to do all the legwork.

(That main link is a lyrics-only video; if you want to see the original viral video that's here, and has a surprise cameo from Macklemore himself.)
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Russian - Basta
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La Excepción sing in caló-inflected Spanish (but Spanish really, with some caló words thrown in here and there):

- Jambo Loco
- Oye Compay
- Besolla F.S.
- Chula (with singer Poochyeeh)

Pan Bendito represent!

The last song is more of a pop crossover, but I hope that you can still enjoy their flow.
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Candle Chant - DJ Krush (Japanese)
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Check out Argentina's Wos and Venezuela's Canserbero.
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Brazil's Criolo is great.

Duas de cinco + Cóccix-ência (two songs strung together with a short film that is basically a futurist City of God taking place in 2050)
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The cool(/white as in not Bushido etc) kids of German Rap:
My son lately was grooving on this: Käpn Peng & die Tentakel von Delphi
Very cool lyrics.

I always really like
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Can't believe nobody has mentioned Aristophanes! Her guest verses on Grimes' last album completely stole the show as far as I was concerned - I literally turned off the album after that and went to listen to Aristophanes instead.
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Säye Skye raps in Farsi, often about LGBTQ+ rights- here’s a song called TNE
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There is some great new Israeli hip-hop, if Hebrew rap interests you.

- Nechi Nech
- HaDag Nahash
- Peled (probably the most face-melting of the group)
- Quarter to Africa, and
- Cafe Shahor Hazak ("Strong Black Coffee") - both of these groups are guys who emigrated to Israel from east Africa, so there are some great African influences in both of them.
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Casey - Libérez la bête is an oldie (2010) but goodie.

Orties - Plus putes que toutes les putes french horrorcore as heard in the film Raw.

Sefyu - Interpelation

Sefyu - Seumi One of the smartest french MC around.
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MC Solaar might fit the bill, French hip hop with a great groove
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Soy Yo by Bomba Estéreo is great and also has a recorder line that makes my 8-year-old asshole heart rejoice. (Also thank you for asking, because I hadn't seen the video and that is delightful.)
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Jay Chou (when he's not doing ballads):
Chinese Herbal Manual
Huo Yuanjia/ Fearless (from the movie OST)

The J-rap song I absolutely adore:
Nujabes - Battlecry (aka the Samurai Champloo OP)

Die Fantastischen Vier are veteran German rappers:
Einfach Sein
Ernten was wir säen
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(Nujabes was awesome but not what you were looking for so... disregard that line, please)
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Suboi is a Vietnamese rap artist, who does incredible lyrical work.
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Keeping this somewhat broad because I want broad recs!
Ojos de Brujo are better known as a nuevo flamenco collective but maybe this would be an outlier?

El Comfort no Reconforta
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Their vocals may or may not fit your definition of rap, but I'd say Negu Gorriak.
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Art Melody is a rapper from Burkina Faso (Ouagadougou, to be exact) who raps in Mooré and sometimes in Jula. His sound is generally heavy and not at all pop-rap, but individual tracks vary a lot.

Tok toko
Yamb Sabaab

One of his albums can be previewed/bought on Bandcamp.
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Aristophanes might be worth checking out. She raps in Mandarin!
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"Cwcwll" gan Beganifs. Un o'r caneuon gorau yn yr iaith Gymraeg (yn 'y marn i)!
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In the realm of francophone hip-hop that takes a lot from Wu-Tang, there is IAM. Here is one of their more typical tracks, and a catchy one that was a big party hit.
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Swadesi are an Indian collective who rap in both Marathi and Hindi, and this track is unquestionably the song of the year.

Anything from Azadi Records is worth a listen - covers a lot of Indian languages, from Tamil to Punjabi.
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Your one-stop-shop for shockingly great Dutch rap is the 2015 New Wave compilation.
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Give La Cátedra by Residente a try.
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Tha Blue Herb. Amazing group from Hokkaido. Definitely fulfills the face-melting requirement.
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Rubberbandits traditionally rap in English, but they do some tracks as Gaeilge, like the great version of 'I Wanna Fight Your Father'

Bougaloo work some excellent lo-fi chillhop in German.

Opgezwolle rolls dark and heavy in Dutch - see 'Hoedenplank'
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One of my favorite cooking YouTubers got his start by making rap videos in Mandarin. Though it might be more melodic than you're looking for.
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