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My spanish used to be pretty decent, but it's almost 10 years since I used it on a regular basis. Can someone please write a script and all the useful phrases for an important phone call I need to make today? It is to ask a funeral home in Central America to order flowers for someone who died.

The visitation is today. I will be calling the local venue in to ask if they offer flowers for sale over the phone, or if they can facilitate the order via a local florist.

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What I always do for uses like this is break the English down to plain statements without idioms and run the result through Google Translate.

But are you confident of understanding the replies?
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Good afternoon.
Buenas tardes.

Sorry, my Spanish isn’t great.
Una disculpa, mi español no es muy bueno.


I didn’t get that.
No entendí.

Could you repeat that?
Me lo puedes repetir?

I’m calling you from the United States.
Les estoy marcando desde los estados unidos.

I’d like to buy some flowers for my friend’s funeral.
Quiero comprar unas flores para el funeral de un amigo.

Do you sell flowers?
Venden flores ustedes?

Otherwise, can you order flowers from a florist?
Sino, pueden pedir flores a una floreria?

My friend’s name is [name]
El nombre de mi amigo es [name]

Is it possible to pay by card?
Seria posible pagar con tarjeta?

I want to order orchids.
Quiero pedir orquideas.

Cuanto cuestan?
How much do they cost?

My card number is [numbers in Spanish]
El numero de la tarjeta es [numbers in Spanish]

The expiration date is [month year]
La fecha de expiración es el [month or number] de [year]

The security code is [code]
El codigo es [code]

Thank you (very much).
(Muchas) gracias.
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@zadcat yes, my comprehension of native colloquial speech is fine, just recall of phrases to use is a bit rusty.

@chappell, many thanks.
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