1940s-1950s children’s book illustrations: more, please
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I love the style of the drawings in “Katie the Kitten,” (1949), as seen here. What other children’s books have this style?
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The Little Golden Book version of Three Little Kittens has very similar imagery. It appears that there are different versions with different art, and not all of the art is in that same style.
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I associate this style with Little Golden Books; The Poky Little Puppy is from that line. Your book says it was a Little Silver Book, which is, according to an online forum I found, the softcover version of LIttle Golden Books and thus rarer today. An image search for "golden press little silver book" turned up a number of possibilities.
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Margaret Wise Brown's The Color Kittens had the same illustrators, Alice and Martin Provensen.
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Yep, building on a theme: The Color Kittens.

Lots of individual Richard Scarry books have this style; check out his Best Storybook Ever.
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The myoldbooks Instagram account might be a good resource for you!
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That version of Katie the Kitten was illustrated by the Provensens, all-time greats. My favorite (as in, my favorite picture book of all time) is The Color Kittens, already mentioned. But so as not to just repeat what others have said, The Fuzzy Duckling is probably even closer to the style you mean.
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Another one of my favorites (though a little later, 1971): Brownie and Puff.
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Also take a look at Richard Scarry's The Rooster Struts and I Am a Bunny.
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And some of Gustaf Tenggren’s Golden Books stuff.
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The Little Engine that Could ?
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Some of the stories in Richard Scarry's Best Storybook Ever are illustrated in variations on this style
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A Good, Good Morning by Bonnie and Bill Rutherford?
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In the heydey of Flickr, TheRetroKid was documenting this style profusely
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One of my childhood favorites was Gidappy.
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Check out Mary Chalmers. Some illustrations from A Christmas Story. Here's a pinterest board with a bunch of covers.
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The Saggy Baggy Elephant (which I of course knew as Plofje de Olifant) is by a different artist, but in a similar-ish style.
Thank you for asking this! I adore Gouden Boekjes, as we call them!
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The Saggy Baggy Elephant was always my favorite. Can't read it today without tears. Find your tribe, indeed.
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It is the 1950s-est, but I always loved Little Mommy
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Why Do You Love Me? by Mabel Watts & Katherine Sampson. My mom read this to me a lot when I was little.
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I think you'll enjoy the Kathleen Hale series of picture books starring Orlando, the Marmalade cat. Her illustrations are incredible.
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