Forgotten children's book - cat neighbors
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Looking for the name of this out of print picture book (from the 70s? 60s?)

This was a picture book about cat neighbors in an apartment building. An old grouchy cat lived on the bottom floor and a bunch of young cats lived on the top floor. Young cats throw a party, old cat gets more grumpy - goes up to complain, ends up joining the party.

Sounds like a book printed with only a few colors - pencil drawings (black/grey) + one or two spot colors (orange).
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The Brownstone by Paula Scher & Stan Mack has a similar neighbors-in-conflict story & is from the time you're talking about (1973)--it's several apartments of different animals, not only cats, who get their needs & noises sorted out by the end.
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maybe one of esther averill's?
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Thanks, folks!
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