Which cat foods are the juiciest?
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Some cats I know really seem to prefer drinking up the juice of their wet food and leave the solids behind. Which cat foods are the juciest? Not looking for "kitty broth" types that are all juice -- they've rejected those in the past.
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We use Fancy Feast Gravy Lover's. She loves it!
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The juiciest is you add water to what you have. Warm water if you want to be fancy.
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My cat goes wild for a food called: Tuna and Turkey Tickles.
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My friend gave her cat the juice drained from a can of human tuna fish. The cat went insane over it.
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The juiciest is you add water to what you have. Warm water if you want to be fancy.

I learned this when a friend was over and I was rinsing out an empty cat food can for ant-related reasons, and my friend was like "why are you pouring that down the drain? Put it in the bowl, the cats will love it!" and they do.

And since cats often aren't great at staying hydrated, I think this is a good plan.

human tuna fish

I know what you mean, but I want to pretend I don't.
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I had a cat like this; chunks and sauce only, no pate. She wasn't particular about brands much. Licked up the sauce; came back later when actually hungry for the chunks. Been awhile since I had to shop for this personality, but I would think budget brands would be more liquid with less food chunks.

With some chicken broth and a very little bit of gelatin i think you could home brew up a cat friendly sauce booster. Hopefully not the cats primary source of nutrition.

Also, as mentioned, tuna juice.
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Seconding Fancy Feast Gravy Lovers. Chaplin loves it.
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The cats absolutely love tuna water, but they don't eat the tuna, so they only get it when I'm in the mood for tuna.
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I haven't found any foods that are just how my cat likes them. I always add water, and I sometimes blend my cat's food with the extra water, to get a baby food sort of consistency. She loves the extra water and is really not interested in the meat chunks. I fully admit that I'm a ridiculous cat mom.
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My gravy-loving kitty liked these Cats in the Kitchen pouches. I would go into the pet store and just grab a couple of anything in a plastic pouch that said chunks in gravy.
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Also to be clear are these Fancy Feast "broths" the ones that were rejected? Bc they're apparently very good according to my sources.
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Fancy Feast Gravy Lovers for sure. At the higher end, Weruva Truluxe is pretty liquidy as well. Also anything in a pouch in general.
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Friskies makes an "Extra Gravy" version of several flavors.
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Fancy Feast Broths, Purely Fancy Feat, and Rachel Ray Nutrish are all pretty brothy but contain some meat and veg for texture. Big hits with our cat.
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Not sure where you're located, which would alter my answer re: specific brands, but my liquid-loving little cat enjoys freeze-dried foods that you rehydrate with warm water -- that way, you can adjust the liquid level to their liking. She's big into Ziwi Peak (their canned is nice and juicy too but the extra-warm-water-rehydrated stuff is her favourite). Pricey, so it's not her daily -- more like a treat.

She is also very fond of the non-pate-style Dave's wet varieties-- anything labeled "in gravy" as well as the 95% Meat varieties (which are pate-style but much looser/wetter than typical cat pate).

Do add a little warm water to any of these for a special treat, though! (Not too much water -- if these cats are anything like mine, they will address a too-soupy dish by flipping the bowl over to drain off the excess...)
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My cats go nuuuuuts over Weruva BFF's gravy line, which is pretty darn sloppy wet.
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Applaws wet food is pretty good, and fairly juicy.
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I mix warm water plus a teaspoon of this powdered goat milk with my (not picky) cat's dinner and he loves it.
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seconding the Weruva BFF OMG (Oh My Gravy!) foods. Silly name, not cheap, but high quality food with extra hydration. My cats like the kind with shreds.
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Friskies extra gravy is just that, about half gravy/half meaty bits
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My kitty doesn't like the Fancy Feast Broths either but she loves the Hartz Delectables Bisque; they have a thicker consistency and no chunks, unless you get the stew variety.

I am also a ridiculous cat mom that blends up a whole can of fancy tuna, her wet cat food, and some extra water... the bisques aren't meant as a meal replacement but tuna smoothies can be from time to time if you get the ratio of food to tuna right.
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Seconding bunnysquirrel on the Delectables. They even have varieties for senior cats. I give those to my two diabetic cats daily to boost the amount of liquid in their diet. Bubby (14) happily eats wet food, dry food, and anything in-between that might be food. Laney (13) is all about kibble and there are only a few things she'll deign to eat that have any water content at all.

You mention they leave the solids behind - will they eat meat chunks? If so, the Tiki Cat After Dark foods have a lot of broth, but also big chunks / shreds of meat. Also one variety has half a quail egg in each can, which Bubby loves.
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Sometimes my cat gets the raw food frozen patties, which I defrost in the fridge and mash up with warm water (he’s not picky about texture but I feel like it’s nice to warm it up a bit). If your cat is patient enough you can get it pretty smooth and you can add more or less water. Sometimes mine end up pretty soupy. Chewy.com has the freeze-dried ones, sometimes it’s hard to track down the frozen.
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Many thanks for these suggestions!
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I find all Tiki Cat varieties very wet (more watery than gravy-y), particularly the After Dark line.
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Just for anyone reading this: my nutty cats had already rejected the beautiful fancy foods recommended here -- Weruva, Cats in the Kitchen, etc. I'm now going to try the supermarket recommendations above.
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Blender cat mom back here -- my baby food style was inspired by the Churu meat tubes, which seem to be similar to the Delectables, but in a "squeeze pop for cats" sort of form. Spoiled kitty adores them, and so does every cat I follow on Instagram. But they are just treats, have very few calories, and they're pretty expensive. So I was trying to see if she would eat her regular food in that consistency. Worked like a charm, but seriously over the top. My friends definitely make fun of me. (I do use an immersion blender, which is much easier than a regular blender for this purpose.)
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Back again -- I just found another option. Some Weruva flavors are "XXX in a hydrating puree". I opened one tonight, and it was a big hit. (I still added a little water, but of course this is much easier than doing any blending myself.)

I mention this even though you said you already tried Weruva, because I had primarily been using another Weruva line and then found these at a different pet store. So worth a shot if you haven't tried this particular style. (Previous attempts with "gravy" or "gelee" were met with disdain and/or licking around the meat chunks at my house.) They are strangely not on the Weruva website, but Petco carries them.
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Coming back in here to say that the Hartz Bisque was the total winner here.
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