Pith fact, not fiction
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A question for the Nutritionists/ dieters: what is the nutritional value of orange pith? Specifically, the white spongy stuff between the bitter skin of the orange and its flesh. I like to eat this and can’t find a calorie count for it. Thanks
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I can't find any calorie counts or anything like that, but can tell you that the part of the orange you're talking about is called the pith.
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Slkinsey. You are so right. Mods, could you change the title to pith? It is misleading.
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[Fixed it from "pulp", and let's have a brief moment of silence for a good title pun ruined by facts.]
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No nutritional value -- it's just roughage.

I always call it styrofoam 'cause that's what a friend did, in college.

posted by Rash at 3:07 PM on August 29

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