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I've worn these bernie mev sandals a few times this summer and can't get the heel strap to stay up. It's too late to return them now, and I'm determined to find some kind of DIY solution so I'm not out $70 for nothing.

The body of the sandal fits fine, it's just that elastic strap that won't stay up for more than a couple steps. I've tried putting strips of moleskin on the strap as well as those silicone heel inserts for some traction, but no luck.

Before I get out my scissors and cut the strap off completely, are there any other solutions? I would sew another strap on but I'm not sure how to do that on a shoe.
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I would consider getting a strap that fits around your ankle, and attaching that to the top edge of the heel strap. Sewing is probably the way to go. It could have a buckle, velcro, snaps or another type of closure.
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If it were me, I'd take it to my neighborhood shoe repair place and ask them what they can do...I've gotten straps fixed before.
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Maybe adding a little piece of something decorative - a contrasting color of leather cut in an interesting shape? - to connect the bottom 1/5 of the back strap to the bottom 1/5 of the front strap? On both sides of the shoe? They might be a little harder to get on and off, but that would make them similar in opening to a loafer, so they might stay on like a loafer.

That connecting piece could be metal chain, elastic, black or red or peach leather, with an embroidered or 3-D flower on top, or something sparkly, whatever you want. You'll probably want to have a shoe repair person sew it on with the edges on the outside, so it will be important to think through how you'd want the edges to look.
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Not being snarky, but did you see the review on the shoe that mentions "the back strap tends to drop down on my ankle after wearing for 15 min. I fixed this by applying a 2 inch strip of "Petals," in black, to the inside of each strap, which provides a bit of sticky surface to help keep the straps in place"?

Maybe something like this?
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Yep, that review is what inspired me to try the liners. I'll talk to a repair shop and see what they say. Thanks, all!
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