Philly Restaurant Recommendation...for tomorrow
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I need to find a good restaurant for 6 people to meet and converse, in Center City, tomorrow (Wednesday) night. Please help!

Relevant details:
-looking for a neighborhood place as opposed to a tourist place
-looking for midrange, not cheap necessarily, not extravagant/high-end
-a menu with options for veggie/vegan as well as meats
-serves alcohol (not BYO)
-most eaters are adventurous
-something with farm-to-table or creative cuisine is ideal

But really the main criteria is: quiet enough for 6 to converse comfortably.
Thanks for your thoughts!
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Not sure if it has enough vegetarian options (lots of fish, though), but Double Knot is amazing.
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Talula’s Garden is one of our favorite places to eat when we go back to visit. I think it should be ok for conversing with a group, although I’ve only ever been there as half a couple.
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I second Talula's Garden. I ate there in July and had a fabulous meal. They have indoor and outdoor seating. Indoors seemed to get a bit loud. I ate outside with my husband, and it felt cozy and quiet. There is a raised porch area beyond the floor seating that I bet would be good for quiet conversation.
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Talula's Garden is nice and very farm-to-table but I think it's pretty high end.

You might like Tria (there are two).
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Vedge has tables open tonight (Wednesday) and is a vegetarian/vegan restaurant that is so astoundingly good you won't realize it's vegan/vegetarian. They have a full bar and aren't insanely expensive.
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Vedge is great but I would put it closer to "fine dining" than you might be looking for. If that price range is ok, though, I'd steer you towards Vernick for omnivorous but veg-friendly.

On the off chance it's not too late, how about Han Dynasty? Shouldn't be a problem getting a table for 6.
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I'll also toss out Royal Boucherie which is amazing but doesn't have vegan stuff on the menu. Vegetarian is there but a little sparse. I am almost positive, however, that the kitchen can accommodate.
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