Please recommend an annual worldwide travel insurer
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I've looked at some of the previous questions. It's been a while. And, snowflakes.

So, I travel a lot. I've paid for individual insurance policies for each trip (sometimes) and sometimes I have forgotten. I would like to set it and forget it.

I am not in need of info about credit cards that carry coverage.
I am fully insured for medical in Japan which will likely cover some medical care abroad but not repatriation etc..

I need coverage for a US citizen who is not a US resident and will travel mainly to the US, Europe, and Asia (but maybe Africa or Oz. Who knows?).
Travel times of up to 45 days.

* Medical emergency return and medical care in country after partial coverage from my own insurance are the big ones.
* Flight cancellation would be very good. (Almost got stranded recently, thus my ask.)
* Coverage for visitor to come to me in medical emergency is nice.
* Personal liability is a plus.
* Not really concerned about lost baggage etc.

It must cover me for a visit of up to 30 days in the US even though I am a US citizen.

Bonus points if anyone has had the painful experience of actually making a claim.

I tried the World Nomads rec from other asks and the online quote generator gave me around 1,600 USD per year which seems a bit insane. One company called IMG quoted 200 USD which seemed too good to be true and their site did not give me confidence.

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Best answer: Have you seen this?
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Allianz Global Assistance has good reviews and costs less than some better-known companies.
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