How do I find every business operating in a specific NYC building?
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How do I find every single tenant in an NYC commercial building? I am willing to pay for a service that would provide this information, if that exists. How can I obtain such a list?
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The New York Public Library has a fee-based research service which might be worth asking.
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If you are also in NYC, you might try walking into the lobby and see if they have a directory.

It’s been years since I used it (former real estate agent), but property shark might have this info. It is a subscription service and you would need to pay. At the very least it’ll get you a list of all the unit numbers in the building, which would be helpful if this is for a mass mailing.

The big brokerages (Elliman, Corcoran, etc) have internal databases for sending out marketing materials that have the kind of info you’re looking for, but I’m not sure how you can access as a layperson—if you know any realtors, they could be of help.
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Here's a search at that returns the names and often the suite number of 83 tenants there. But these appear to all be individuals, most likely working for some corporate tenant or other. Similar searches at other reverse lookup sites yield business names, like at (90 tenants). Or (100 tenants). This last one looks most accurate and complete. But their search results are limited to 100, so it's probably not complete.
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From a commenter who prefers to remain anonymous:
I used to work in that building. They do have a touchscreen directory in the lobby, though I don't know whether it will give you a full list or whether you have to enter the specific company name in order to find out where it is.

They also list the companies by floor at the elevator banks on each floor because the building is so big. So if you have a contact who can let you in or take you around, you can hand-gather a full list that way.

I would note though that it's a huge, huge building and a lot of companies move in and out fairly quickly. So getting a comprehensive list that's up to date may be tricky.
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