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I love strategy games like Civ, but the downside is that they take a lot of time to play, and all the "just one more turn"s add up quickly. Does anyone know of any fun similar games that can be played in a single sitting?
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Old-school Age of Empires fits the bill, if you are okay with a very primitive game experience. Dune 2000 is similar.
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I really like Islanders for this.
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Civ Revolution for the DS was a pretty quick game.
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The Battle of Polytopia! On android or iOS, coming soon to Steam.
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Came here to suggest Polytopia as well.
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These aren't turn-based strategy games like Civ but they might scratch a strategic itch in less time. Town of Salem is a Mafia type game where players have hidden roles and you need to guess who is who. There are a LOT of potential roles, each with different objectives, so it becomes complicated fast.
Pandemic is my favorite board game ever, and there is a lovely single-player app version of it that I've wasted a lot of time on.
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Blood Bowl!

Play it on campaign mode, or online with your mates! It cured me of my Civ addiction as surely as a good hafling apothecary cures a nasty case of nurgle rot! HAHAHAHA!
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They are Billions. A bit more RTS than turn-based, but the ability to pause it can make it more turn-based-ish when necessary. And it's one of the best games I've played in years.

Ignore the campaign and just play the 'Survival' game.
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You can customise the game options in Civ to allow for accelerated history and smaller maps, which means much shorter games.
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Rise of Nations isn't turn based but was designed by the original designer of Civ II and Alpha Centauri. There's a fairly recent remaster on Steam.
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Into the Breach, is a bit different but will scratch the itch in bite sized chunks.
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I've been playing Wargroove. which is broken into shorter levels, so is easy to put down at various points.
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Seconding Pandemic.
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Response by poster: Thanks Everyone! Pandemic is great, and I look forward to trying the others!
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