Places in the US that will host a queer lady magician
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Which venues, cabarets, events, etc in the US (besides the West Coast) should I reach out to about performing some queer feminist stage magic in/around March 2020?

I've been accepted to be part of a QTIPOC spoken word & performance roadshow touring the US West Coast in March 2020. As I'll be coming all the way from Australia, I'm thinking of making it more of a nationwide tour for maybe about a month (the West Coast tour is 2 weeks) and would like some suggestions on other places that would be keen.

I'll be performing snippets from my queer feminist stage magic & storytelling show so I'd be looking at 10-15 min slots or maybe a short 20-30 min segment, mainly as part of a larger lineup (I don't think I'm well-known enough to warrant a solo night). The event doesn't have to be QTIPOC-specific, though I'd imagine I'd get more traction with a queer/feminist/alternative space than mainstream stage magic (that being said, if a mainstream magic event wants to host me I'm all ears). Because of my visa (a multiyear one which I already have thank goodness) I can't really be paid, but covering expenses such as interstate travel (or hell even contributing ahead of time to my airfare from Australia) should be fine.

Now is probably pretty early to start making bookings, but as I'll need to lock down airfare soonish it'd be good to have a base plan in place!
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Pittsburgh is very rad. It's the west coast of the east coast.... I don't live there anymore but it seems like you'd fit right in. Could be en route to East coast...
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I've had friends who have had events at Bier Baron
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In St. Louis, the place you're looking for is The Monocle in the Grove.
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In Minneapolis maybe try the Cedar Cultural Center.
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If you want to make that month mid-February to mid-March, I'm sure the Midwest Bisexual Lesbian Gay Transgender Asexual College Conference (MBLGTACC) would love to host you.
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Come to the Pinhook here in Durham!
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From Mr. Dinty (vaguely involved in the magic community in Minneapolis, doesn't perform)

Two possibilities in Minneapolis:

Sunday Night Magic - Theater in the Round, looking for a half hour set, less storytelling. The main booker for that is Suzanne the Magician, and you should contact her for more information. (She might also have more ideas of where to perform in the area). There's also a 'flight time' program, though that doesn't sound quite like what you're looking for.

There's also the Magic Underground, but that's more of an open mic night.

If you want more specific contact info, I can see if he's willing to reach out to folks. (I can also ask more around the folks I know in the queer theater community in Minneapolis, but there's been serious issues around getting funding and spaces going under the last few years, so I don't know how fruitful that might end up being).
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Interesting, @oceanjesse! I was going to suggest Arcana here in Durham! Clearly we have a wealth of appropriate venues. :)
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Just a quick google but Northampton Ma looks to have an open mic night that could work if you're in that direction.

I remember your first question about magic on the green and I really want to see your show! I'm actually more towards Boston (couple hours drive) but not sure there's a venue, hmm... Club Cafe seems to have a monthly open mic but it's a pretty commercial place. Probably worth a query.
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New York City The Slipper Room and Coney Island USA come to mind. These venues lean much more heavily toward the sexy and risque, though I have seen things that were not overtly sexual at both venues. Both have regular burlesque performances.
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Response by poster: Given that my signature act is the Cups and Balls with menstrual cups, sexy and risque is totally up my alley!

Conferences are a good idea too, especially since they probably are more likely to be able to provide travel funding. Is there a more up to date list of queer/feminist/etc conferences available? I did some googling but I keep getting stuff from 2015 at the latest.
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I wonder if this might be a help?
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In Austin Texas I can recommend:
The Museum of Human Achievement
The Contemporary
The Vortex Theater
Cheer Up Charlie’s
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MoHA (museum of human achievement) gets funding from Austin cultural arts commission and supports artists with multiple types of residency programs. please reach out to them. Hell you can name drop me and say I sent you their way. My name is Annika Sparkles.

link to list of all their inquiry forms

link to the specific residency application
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If you make it to the midwest, I bet The Back Door in Bloomington, Indiana would love to schedule you.
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Queer conference list!
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In Atlanta, you probably would do well to talk with Metropolitan Studios / The Atlanta School of Burlesque / Candybox Revue - these are all run by overlapping groups of women / queer people and they basically know everyone in the scene in ATL.

You might also reach out to Sadie Hawkins.
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College and University campuses often have comedy/theater/improv/performing arts opportunities, so look into nearby institutions if you want to head to a specific club but will end up with free time out there.

If you do come out to Northampton, MA as suggested above, check also with Smith College and Mount Holyoke College (historically feminist, all-women's colleges in Northampton and South Hadley nearby). Probably Student Events Committee or Office of Student Engagement or even the department Study of Women and Gender at Smith. I don't know MHC as well, but maybe Student Involvement or Gender Studies. There's three other colleges--University of Masschusetts, Amherst; Amherst College; and Hampshire College in the same radius. And Northampton has several theater/performance spaces that might also be worth looking into their schedules: Academy of Music and the Iron Horse Group are the big ones. I've gone to queer events at The Parlor Room. Or maybe this is the sort of thing an independent feminist sex shop would be interested in: Oh My.
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The Comedy Studio in Somerville, MA (Boston) has multiple open mic and showcase events every week, and I’ve seen queer and trans comedians there and comedians of color (don’t remember if there was any overlap) and for a while they had magic every Tuesday night although that seems to be over.
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I think this would be a hit at the Allways Lounge here in New Orleans.

Note: Mardi Gras falls on February 25 in 2020 so if you end up in this area earlier than March, keep that in mind. Alternately: show up for Mardi Gras, do a show during your visit.
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Oh please come to Portland Maine! We have a decently lively burlesque/drag scene so sexy fun shows would be well received. I would suggest SPACE Gallery, Portland House of Music and Events, and perhaps contacting Indigo Arts Alliance (POC) or Portland Pride (queer) for programmatic support. Pleeeeease. You could do Boston, Portsmouth (New Hampshire), and Portland all at a nice easy run.
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Response by poster: komora: omg actually yesterday I found out that Gay Mardi Gras is a thing in NOLA (not the Sydney version) but their website had no contact details. Who should I talk to??
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MeMail sent.
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For Denver, check out the Mercury Cafe.
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Response by poster: Update: so I've sent emails to the suggested universities and conferences (I want to see if I can lock those down first before I go hard on venues) but oddly enough even though it's been a few weeks I haven't heard anything. Not even a No or "Thanks for your enquiry". Just silence.

Is there a particular format I should be sending these in? Am I missing something?
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Given the time difference and possible cost, would follow-up phone calls be possible? I've found that for busy offices, a phone call can get immediate responses that three emails can't. Another possibility would be locating a different department within the universities or a different point person. Student organizations may be more active on social media than over email, so that's also an option.
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Response by poster: carrioncomfort: For both of those reasons, unfortunately phone calls are beyond my reach.
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