Two questions about to-do list app features
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I'm looking for to-do list apps that meets my needs for two different projects. Two specific questions within.

Project One — For this, I need an app with all three of these features:
  1. Tasks can be automatically recurring.
  2. Tasks can have subtasks.
  3. Subtasks can have their own due dates independent of the parent task.
Project Two — For this, I'm looking for an app that has Google Docs–style anonymous sharing, where just sending a person a specific URL lets them view the to-do list without creating an account or logging in.

It would be nice if I could use the same app for both projects. But if not, that's okay too.
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OmniFocus will work for Project One. It will not work for Project Two.
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Same with Remember the Milk.
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My sense is that you're going to find dozens of decent-to-excellent to-do lists and project management apps that work just fine for Project One. I use Todoist and strongly recommend it; you can search through the AskMe archives for lots of write-ups recommending it, including a few by me. In my opinion, it's the best compromise between full-featured and uncluttered, and the free version is great.

For Project Two, I suspect you're not going to find anything that's purpose-built as a to-do list or project management app and will have to make do with Dropbox Paper at best, and something really not made for to-do lists, like Google Docs, at worst.

Really, I think the closest you're going to get for a two-in-one is Dropbox Paper. You won't be able to create automatically recurring tasks/checkboxes (although maybe you could kludge something together with IFTTT?), but you can do everything else with reasonable ease.
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Yeah, "we'll just misuse Google Docs" is the current situation on Project Two. So anything that beats that is worth knowing about.

Just from a quick look, Dropbox Paper isn't ideal for sure — but it could be enough of an improvement to be worth switching. (And I'd still love to hear about things that go even further.)
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Here’s another vote for Remember the Milk. I think I’ve shared todo lists with RTM, but can’t recall whether it required folks to create an account.
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For #2, just in general, I'd at least choose Trello over Docs in most cases, even if it's not really a to-do list per se. But getting both something subtask-like (at least automated dependencies) and getting repeating at the same time would require paying for it, I think.
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I like Asana for #1. I'm not sure whether it can do #2.
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