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Twice in the past month my cell number was added to a groupme thread. They have the wrong number and I have exited the group both times. This is likely the same people again (once for dancing, now for cheerleading). How can I stop them from adding my number to the next group? I replied to say wrong number before exiting this time.

I am not going to download the app or join groupme. I can't believe there is no way to opt out of this thing. I don't have unlimited texting. Each time this happens, it sends 5 texts before I have a chance to reply, so it costs me six texts, seven this time so I could tell them to stop adding me.
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Do the phone numbers of everyone in the group come up? Can you block all of their numbers? Not sure if/how this would work with groupme, I don’t know that app.
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Have you tried "Send "#STOP" to any of your group numbers, or to the GroupMe short code, to stop all GroupMe text messages."
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So far, I have only used #exit to remove the groups. I just tried using the short code 47687 and sending #stop. I got an error that says it is not a valid short code.
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Frustrating, but have you tried asking them? They seem to have active support over Twitter and perhaps elsewhere. They might be able to block your number from their service entirely.
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If it’s literally the same people adding you (you must be an easy typo from one of their phone numbers?) I would send a memorably irate message the next time. Not profane or abusive, just the sort of thing where you say that this is a huge serious deal for you and you are very angry that they keep harassing you like this. They’ll think you’re a jerk, but they’ll be likely to be more careful next time.
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I did reply to the last message with #stop and got a note saying that groupme wont text me anymore. This is the same group but different phone numbers, so blocking is not a solution. I don't even know if the number that comes up is the actual phone number of the group creator or some groupme number.

Both times, I looked around their site for info on blocking and did some other searching, but I must not have had the exact right terms. It bothers me that I have to go to another place to get help (the green is an exception). Even when I searched the exact phrase that muddgirl posted, it is on a website called itstillworks and not on Considering that they have been sued for text spam in the past, I would think they might be more forthcoming with info on how to stop it from happening.
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Yeah I noticed the same thing - they don't seem to list the STOP code anywhere on their website, just the instructions that require signing up for an account. It's pretty scummy.
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Yeah, as far as I can tell GroupMe only mentions the #STOP code in their support site, not their main site: How do I opt out of GroupMe entirely?
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